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Feedback for Hello_sunshine

Jul 27, 2006

    1. hello everyone

      please leave feedback here for me if i've bought/sold anything from/to you. :)

      i havent sold anything, but i do buy a lot :daisy

      thank you :aheartbea
    2. here are a list of people ive done business with:

      Darkrogue - my first doll body, was a pleasure to deal with. very friendly and reliable !!!

      Achaean - split doll with, very friendly, fast payment and a sweetie !!!

      Tsuminaki - face commission was very beautiful, talked me through it and just awesome to deal with

      syrinxfox - the pliver worked great, fast shipment and reliable

      Nena - awesome group order, easy to deal with and very organized

      Fireflytranc - the eyes were everything i wanted, fast shipment

      Reverieverierie - was a pleasure to deal with, bought wig from and sold skirt and wig to

      vodooqu33n - pants were great ! fast shipment, reliable

      if i missed anyone... im sorrry :( forgive me
    3. Yeah, she had a skirt I wanted for my MSD Asha. Sold it to me at a really fair price.

      A week or so later, she bought a wig from me. Sold that to her for a really horrible price.

      Well, not really, but I did sell her a wig for a nice deal.

      She's awesome to deal with. Great person, amazing personality from our email exchange . Overall, awesome buyer/seller. :)

      *Edit: Fixed a sentence that sounded weird.. >_>
    4. Miyukidoll - the lingerie was beautiful and fast shipment from someone in france :) very helpful through process.

      quilibet - for the testors dullcote. very fast shipment, very nice and pleasure doing business with

      lunakins - the white wig was in perfect condition, fast shipment and fast business.

      little_robin87 - great group order for schawrysajf (too lazy to try to spell) eyes. VERY FAST ! very friendly, and treated us very special :) :aheartbea

      please leave feedback if i've done business with you
      thank you :)
    5. she had bought a lishe head from me very recently, kept in contact with me the whole time during the transaction.

      very friendly and wonderful to deal with.
      great buyer!!

    6. I bought a can of MSC from her and it arrived yesterday. Very friendly and keep in good cantact with me.

      Thank you!

    7. I joined the Volks order group that hello-sunshine did, and it was a very smooth transaction.Many thanks Hun.:)
    8. I was in a group order ran by Hello_Sunshine. She made sure I got my item :daisy
      Thank you!
    9. HelloSunshine is a Wonder Wonderful seller.. A+ All the way

      I highly recommend
    10. WonderFul Buyeeer!!! *^0^*

      Very kind and fast payment~~ :aheartbea
    11. hello_sunshine paid quickly for some eyes from me and we were in touch the whole time and she is wonderful to deal with! A+++
    12. I've sold hello_sunshine clothes, a faceup and there was also a trade involved, and everything went off nicely ^^
    13. hello_sunshine bought an outfit from me, and it was a super transaction! Paid imideatly, and good communication! Thank you!!!! XD XD
    14. hello_sunshine bought a DOT outfit from me and paid promptly! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!~ :D Thanks a lot!!
    15. Bought an Asha and accessories from Hello_sunshine. All went well :)
    16. I bought a Dolkot boy body from her. She is nice, and will answer your messages quickly. The shipping was great, neat and FAST! Great seller!
    17. hello_sunshine has been a patient buyer, good with communications and overall a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for purchasing from me.
    18. bought a nanuri 07 head from hello_sunshine. the transaction went smoothly. ^^
    19. I purchased a brand new hoodie from Hello_sunshine, received it very quickly and it was PERFECT! Thank you so much for everything!
    20. I sold a DIM boy body to Hello_sunshine, and was paid quickly, and easily.

      I'd do business again anytime. :)