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Feedback for hen88

Aug 13, 2009

    1. Hello,

      Please leave any feedback for me here.

      Thanks! :)
    2. Hen bought a littlefee top from me - super friendly and paid promptly! Thanks so much :)
    3. Hen88 purchased a pair of LittleFee El boots from me and he sent payment exactly when he promised to. :) Communication left nothing to be desired. A perfect transaction!

      :bcake Thank you!! :bcake
    4. She is a good buyer. The payment is quick, also PM is gentle. Good transactions is grateful.
    5. henn88 bought some yo-sd panties from me, they paid quickly and were lovely to make the transaction with, thanks so much! :chocoberry
    6. hen88 bought a little guy from me just a little while ago. He was very patient and frienly. Thank you very much for the great transaction. :)
    7. Hen88 sold me a Brownie. It arrived super quick (payed thursday, got the doll Monday); in the most excellent condition I've EVER received a second hand doll in.

      I'd love to do business with Hen88 again :D
    8. I bought a littlefee ante face plate from henry last week. he shipped it immediately and i have already gotten it exactly one week after my purchase. It was very well packed.
      thank you! (She's so cute!~)
    9. hen88 purchased a Rosen Lied outfit from me. Payment was quick and communication was excellent :]
      Thanks again~
    10. Purchased a LF Flora outfit from me. Fast payment. Great communication.
    11. Henry bought a Ante sleeping faceplate from me. He paid quickly and he is a really nice person to communicate with. :D
    12. hen88: sold a Puki Piki with clothes and wigs to me. We had friendly email communication before completing the transaction in person. It was a pleasant meeting and totally happy transaction. Thank you!
    13. Sold a YoSD set to hen88 and he was great to deal with, thank you! :)
    14. hen88 bought a clothe article from me and was a definite pleasure to deal with. :) I would not hesitate to do business with this buyer again.

      Thank you so much! ^^
    15. Sold me a ACB outfit. Wonderful to deal with. Fast shipping. Good communication. Thanks for such a good transaction.
    16. I bought a Doll from him, and Henry sent super fast and she arrived in perfect condition. THANKS! :thumbup.....:daisy:daisy:daisy
    17. hen88 bought a MSD DZ Carrier from me. Wonderful transaction. Fast payment and great communication.
    18. I bought a LTF Bisou girl outfit from hen88
      The item in question was in GREAT condition, he shipped fast and it arrived to me in 3 business days!~ I would gladly do business with him again!~

      - Mistress
    19. Hen88 purchased a wig from me and the transaction couldn't of been better. Great communication, paid when said, and let me know when the item arrived. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
    20. Hen88 Bought a dress from me, he paid quickly and was very kind to work with! I recommend him!