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Feedback for henjin

Aug 27, 2008

    1. If you've had transactions with me, please leave feedback. Thank you.
    2. I sold Sheryll a Kame head, and the transaction was very smooth. She replied promptly to all PMs, and is very courteous. I would be happy to sell to her again. ^^
    3. henjin bought a pair of SD converse shoes from me. We had the transaction during our Christmas meet-up yesterday and she was very pleasant to deal with! :3 A very kind and sweet person. I will definitely do business with her again if there's a another chance. A++ Buyer! ^^

      zhane: Thanks for letting me play your lovely girl Lenore! She's so pretty!! :3 I can sense romance in the air... X3 <squeeling cat face/>

      Brendon: *glares*
    4. I sold a pair of shoes to her. Great transaction and fast payment, thanks!
    5. I sold henjin an SD phone, and she was great to deal with! Very friendly communication, paid quickly, and let me know when it arrived. Thank you! :)
    6. sheryll bought some clothes i had for sale here on doa. good communication, and she is very friendly and patient :)
    7. I sold an item of clothing to henjin and she is great to deal with! Instant payment and continuous communication from start to finish. Thanks!
    8. Participated in a recent Akanishi Jin Minimee group order hosted by henjin, and she did a fabulous job, everything went smoothly, and communication was perfect too. Received my MNM head today (he's beautiful), and am very pleased. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts on our behalf! :) :chocoberry
    9. I participated in an Akanishi Jin minimee head order hosted by henjin. She did an amazing job keeping things organized and notifying me when there were updates. Thanks so much! I would definitely recommend her!
    10. Participated in an Akanishi Jin MNM GO hosted by henjin as well.
      It was her first time hosting a GO, but she did wonderfully! Was great with keeping everyone updated with the progress and act as the in between for the group and DiM.

      Everything was done on schedule and we had great communication and participated in our discussions.

      Wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future~ ^^
    11. I also participated in the order for an Akanishi Jin MNM head, hosted by henjin.
      It was her first time doing so, and she was fantastic!! She definitely kept us on track and promptly updated throughout the entire process~ from picking out reference photos, getting a slot reserved for our order, getting the payments together, and she kept really good contact with Denny the whole time.
      There was also an issue with the first version of the sculpt, and she was very good at sorting it out and explaining the modifications with Denny, and the ending result is exceptional!
      Overall, she is very friendly, organized, and also fun to anticipate the wait time with! I'd highly recommend ordering from her/with her/and she could host another order anytime! I wouldn't hesitate to be involved in an order with her again, and look forward to the possibility in the future!

      Thank you, henjin! :)
    12. henjin purchased some SD wire hangers from me. Payment was prompt and communication excellent. Thank you so much!
    13. henjin bought a pair of tiny shoes from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little one likes the shoes! :kitty2
    14. Sold a doll to henjin on layaway. Communication was prompt and friendly. And she informs me every time she makes a payment. And paid in full on time as promised. Can't be more happier with this smooth and easy transaction. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Recommended! Thanks!
    15. Henjin bought an YoSD outfit from me. We had good communication and she let me know when the outfit arrived. :) A good transaction!