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Feedback for Henrietta~

Jan 16, 2007

    1. if you've bought, traded, split, or sold to me: please post positive or negative feedback here!

    2. I split an ebay order for MSD boots with Henrietta, and she was great! ^_^ My boots came really quickly, and they're amazing. X3 My boy loves them!

      She's really great to deal with! Fast and answered quickly when I asked questions and such. <3 If you're thinking about doing business with her, do! She's a great person. X3
    3. YESSS... I absolutely love doing business with Henriatta. Currently I trade with her dresses to get the sailor outfit from her and the outitf I got is absolutely in good condition thou she mention got a little bit dirty where I din notice so... YEAAAAHHH...I absolutely dun mind doing the next business with her again! Summore she's really nice to talk too...
    4. Henrietta is so sweet! I just recieved a pair of beautiful blue eyes from her and they are wonderful! The whole experience was great and would definetely buy from again <3
    5. henrietta is one of my friends from middle school :D........she's the one who convinced me to get a doll in the first place!! since her doll was so cute i wanted one also!!!
    6. I got a pair of boots from her!! She was awesome to deal with. She held the boots for about three days so i could get my paycheck. She was so sweet. I will do more transaction with her in the future.

      Daye: Thank you for the Boots I love them.