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Feedback for HeyTanya

Jul 19, 2010

    1. Please leave your feedback if you have had a transaction with me.
      Thank you!


      ~ HeyTanya
    2. HeyTanya bought a doll head from me and the whole transaction was great!
      Thank you^^
    3. Great buyer. Prompt payment and easy to communicate with. Thank you. a+++
    4. HeyTanya did faceups on two of my tinies. She did a great job! Once the dolls arrived, it was very quick turnaround. Very nice girl with pm's, also.
    5. HeyTanya did a faceup for one of my dolls~ She was great with communication, the faceup is breathetaking, and my doll arrived quickly, safely, and amazingly packaged.
    6. I commissioned a face-up from HeyTanya for my Elfdoll Sooah. This was my first time sending any of my girls off for work to be done and I was very comfortable sending a head to her. She was very prompt with responses to all of my questions and kept me updated. The work she did is extremely beautiful and I absolutely love my girl's new look.

      Thank you Again ♥
    7. I also commissioned a face-up from HeyTanya for my Yeon-Ho, and she was very good with her replies and assurances with the process. I'd never sent a doll head off to be painted, but she made me feel okay about it. The wait was a bit longer - I think she said it was raining? Which was understandable. The only thing that slightly annoyed me was that she wanted to wait for her funds to clear? She had my payment, so this was kind of ... meh. One of my roommates uses paypal - it was his I borrowed - and he says that he sometimes does the same thing? I'm not sure what was going on, but oh well. Also, I'd already had the payment figured by Tanya after first sending the doll. I have to let my friend know who much I'm taking out, so he can keep track of what I owe him. The more money I take, the more he's less inclined to let me borrow his paypal. Tanya added her own eyelashes without telling me (my doll already had some) and added it to my price without telling me. If she had emailed me, and asked if I wanted different eyelashes, I probably would have said yes. I just didn't like the going ahead and doing it without asking me, and then already expecting the money for it. Two dollars isn't much, but it was still a bit rude.

      Excuse me, if I'm and being a bit too harsh. I just felt as though I should share my feelings about the process.
      Like I said, it was my first time sending a doll head to someone, so this may be the norm/worse may happen/etc.
      However, in the end, my doll head was absolutely FABULOUS and I think I may be able to finally bond with my doll.
    8. HeyTanya did a face-up and blushing on my little bory! Well, it's gorgeous! <3 She was great with communication and she's very prompt in respoding all of my questions X3 (I had a lot of questions since it's my first time to send my little boy off). I'm really satisfied with her work! :3
    9. HeyTanya was a wonderful seller. I bought some acrylic eyes from her and she did an amazing job at packing them up and was great in communiting thru out the whole transaction. Would deal with her.

      Thank you so much.
    10. Bought a wig from HeyTanya and the transaction was perfect ^^ she responded to my messages promptly and shipped out the wig a day after I paid. would definitely do business with her again! thank you Tanya <3
    11. I bought two SD13 dresses from Tanya :D The transaction was really speedy, and I got the dresses promptly despite the weird weather! I'd definitely love to buy from her again :p
    12. I bought a doll head from Tanya and she was suuuper awesome all throughout the transaction. She was very accommodating and patient and nice and I got my purchase a day after she shipped it. <3 I would definitely love to buy from her again! :D Thank you Tanyaaaa!!! -huuugs-
    13. I commissioned a face-up for a friend's doll from Tanya :D Despite our busy schedules and more crazy weather getting in the way, I have to say that it was totally worth it. Her attention to detail is superb, and she really made my friend's girl come alive! I would absolutely love to work with her again when I get the chance to X3
    14. Bought a fur wig from HeyTanya. Communication was great! I received the wig in good condition! :D Thank you so much, Tanya! <33 *hugs*
    15. Tanya sold me a wonderful wig, she was able to ship it very fast and provided all of the tracking information when she shipped. It got here safely and was packaged very nicely. I would definitely purchase from her again.
    16. I purchased a wig from HeyTanya and am very happy with the transaction! :) Her communication is quick and polite, and she mailed out my item within 24 or so hours after I paid. ^^ The wig also came well packaged. I'm very satisfied with everything.

      Thank you! :D
    17. I bought two pairs of eyes from Tanya, and I'm really happy with them! It was a challenge to unpack them from the very well packed box. :) Thank you!&#9829;
    18. I bought one item from Tanya and she replied right away! She was easy to talk to and I had no problems sending the money.

      Also, I was very impressed by the packaging and that she was able to send the item to me the day after the payment was sent.

      Would not hesitate to buy from her again. :)
    19. I bought 2 pairs of 18mm eyes from Tanya the communication was great and fast I enjoyed working with her. Quite understanding when someone is worried about mail :)
      I got my eyes in today and I love them!
    20. I sold a Soom wig to HeyTanya. She was super friendly and polite and the transaction was smooth. Great communication and fast payment. She is a great buyer!