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Feedback for Hibiki

Feb 26, 2009

    1. Hi everyone :D Please leave a feedback if we have traded before =) Thanks alot!:fangirl:
    2. I recently sold Hibiki a Scarface IO head w/default make up. The transaction took longer than expect due to paypal issues, but in the end, everything worked out. She kept in touch with me from start to end, which was very reassuring.

      I would recommend her to others.
    3. Bought a doll head from Hibiki, she was very friendly and shipped the package right after I sent the payment. Thank you again! :)
    4. I split a Soom Cuprit with Hibiki, and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Super fast communication and payment for the split with no black outs in communication at all.

      I would definitely recommend her to others.
    5. Hibiki bought a wig from me.
      The communication was great and her payment was super-fast. Absolutely a fantastic buyer. Highly recommended!
      Thank you so much~^^
    6. Hibiki bought a pair of eyes from me. Communication was EXCELLENT and her attitude was outgoing and as helpful as possible. Due to the inability to use Paypal, we agreed on a payment done through wire transfer. There was a minor problem with it (I was charged fifteen dollars on top of the fifteen her bank charged her, to recieve the transfer) though it was through no fault of her, because neither of us previously knew about this surcharge. She was a VERY FLEXIBLE, GOOD buyer, and very patient, as I took a little time to ship out the eyes.

      Thank you very much, Hibiki. You were grand overall! :D
    7. Hibiki purchased a Cuprit outfit from me. Well, just a total pleasure to work with. Was very patient with me with my shipping time. I highly recommend her. Thanks very much and enjoy!!
    8. I purchased a Dollmore Kyle Reese from Hibiki.I could not be more pleased :) She has great communication.She is very friendly and nice to deal with.He arrived today in excellent condition,very well packaged.He is just perfect in every way :fangirl: She even included clothes,wig,eyes and other goodies.I would not hesitate to buy from her again :)
      Thank you very much for my beautiful new addition :aheartbea