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Feedback for hichy

Aug 23, 2008

    1. My feedback thread. =)
    2. Hichy bought a Vampire Lu-Wen head from me, which was a split, but I didn't want to take payment until I had the head and made sure it was in good condition. Communication was great throughout the process and payment was prompt when we were ready to start the transaction. Hichy also sent me a doll scarf as a swap for a doll necklace ^_^

      Overall great experience working with Hichy!
    3. Thanks for participating in my group order! Payment was prompt and I really appreciate it!
    4. Sold a pair of eyes to Hichy; payment was fast, communication was great and Hichy let me know when they arrived so I knew they'd arrived safely. Thanks much!
    5. I have bought a mnf des head, I had some problem tracking it becvause of the french post, and Hichy was always answering quickly, trying to find solutions, doing some researches... Very trustable, nice and fast. Thank you !
    6. I bought a Senior Delf body from hichy. The shipping ended up being more than she had expected, but she did *not* raise the price she set, which I really, really appreciated. The body came today, and it is in perfect condition, packed nicely. She responded to my emails quickly, was polite and funny and wonderful. I'm quite happy.
    7. I had joined a Luts GO organized by hichy. Everything went smoothly, communication was great and she was very nice. Thank you!
    8. hichy was part of my Noctis half-closed eyes minimee group order. Communication was great and payment was fast. Thank you so much for partaking in my group order! :D
    9. I joined 2 gos organised by her : Spite and Malice & Crobidoll.

      The communication was efficient and everything went smoothly!
      Payments were made on time and items arrive quickly. <3
      I won't mind joining her GOs again!
    10. I bought a black blazer from her and it arrived safely today. Replies were fast and she is really friendly. I will definitely buy sth from her again. ^^
    11. Bought a Dollcatch Sian head and a hoodie from her.
      Communication was great, with PMs replied to very quickly. She was also very friendly throughout the transaction.
      She sent out the items promptly, and provided me with the tracking number and such.

      She's a reliable seller, and I wouldn't mind buying from her again if need be.
    12. I bought hooves from Hichy and all was perfect: with a prompt shipping and a nice communication. Thanks a lot !
    13. Hichy bought a Heliot open eyes head from me.
      Hichi is very good and responsive seller.
      Hichi has made me happy!
    14. Hichy ordered several fur wigs from me and was a perfect buyer. Quick and friendly pms, prompt payment, and very well organized when ordering so many items. I would love to do another transaction with Hichy!
    15. I've joined yet another round of gos organised by hichy: 4D and S&M
      It was fantastic being a go participant because her replies were fast and payment as well as ordering wise.
      Overall a great experience!! :)
    16. I bought a Woosoo head from hichy. This was my first purchase here and she made it so easy. Communication was wonderful, shipping was very fast and I love the Woosoo head. Overall great transaction and I would buy again from hichy.
    17. I bought a wig from hichy.
      She was wonderful to deal with - so very helpful, and always quick to reply!
      Thank you so much!
    18. They were a pleasure working with, buying from, and even talking to, very patient and considerate. I'd love to buy from them again :3
    19. Bought a doll head from hichy. Excellently packed, very pleasant to deal with, excellent international transaction!
    20. Won a heliot head in an auction from Hichy. Did a layaway. Hichy was great to deal with, very communicative and the head arrived wonderfull packed and in perfect condition! Defintely recommend!