Feedback for higurasi boy:

Nov 26, 2017

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      Transaction feedback: ​
    2. higurasi boy just purchased a Granado head from me and was very patient while I went looking for him. (He had been listed awhile and I had packed him away and could not remember where?:roll:
      Once found payment was quick and the Granado head is on it's way to PR now. I hope you enjoy him, higurasi boy.
    3. I sold a Dollar Aramis head to higurasi boy back in January. We made a quick deal and payment was sent quickly. Thanks!
    4. Did a transaction back in Dec with Higurasi Boy, and they bought my Volks DD SS-bust. They were wonderful to deal with, very polite and let me know once it had been received. ^.^
    5. Good buyer, paid in full and very polite!