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Feedback for hihihellokitty

Jan 14, 2010

    1. Hey there! If you have ever had a transaction with me, feel free to leave honest feedback here... :kitty2 Thankyou!!
    2. Sold a MDD to hlhlhellokity and everything was excellent. Very sweet and pleasant, fast payment and exc correspondence. Would do again - thanks and enjoy!
    3. I sold my Mayu MDD to hihihellokitty. She asked me to wait while she saved up the money. I waited and she got all of the money together and paid with no problems.

      I would gladly do business with her again.

      SFC Marti
    4. I bought a MDD Large bust from hihihellokitty, the transaction went very smoothly and she was very quick to ship. The item was perfect, and just as described. :D
    5. I sold a Souldoll Kid body to hihihellowkitty. She paid quickly and had great communication! Very nice too ^^!
    6. Hihihellokitty was a part of my recent Dollmore GO and she was an absoltuely awesom participant! She paid quickly, let me know right when her items arrive and was generally AWESOME!
      Thank you so much for participatin'! I'd welcome her into any of my Gos anytime! ^o^
    7. I did a trade with hihihellokitty and it was great! She had fantastic communication and was SUPER SWEET! Highly recommend. :D Thanks, dear!
    8. hihihellokitty participated in my MSD wig swap :3
      She sent out her wig in a timely manner.
      Her partner was pleased with the wig she sent, and it was of an appropriate value.

      I would gladly have her in one of my future swaps :3
    9. Thank you for a smooth transaction! Highly recommended :)
    10. Hihihellokitty Participated In My Camellia Dynasty GO. Payment Was Fast, Communication Was Awesome. All In All I Would Have Her Join My GOs Any Day.
    11. Bought an outfit from her. Everything went smoothly and I'm happy with the outfit. Would happily buy from her again.
    12. I did a face up on hihihellokitty's Leeke Mabel head, and the commission went smoothly from the beginning to the end. ^^ She was very patient, giving me detailed instructions about how she wanted the girl to look like, and I enjoyed every step... ^^ Thank you so much!
    13. Hihihellokitty bought a wig off my and everything went perfectly, thank you!
    14. Hihihellokitty purchased a wig from me and we had a fantastic transaction. Quick payment, prompt replies, and she let me know the wig arrived safely so we could close the deal! I would definitely deal with her again. :)
    15. Hihihellokitty participated in my December Leekeworld GO, and she was fantastic! A little slow on communication at times, but easy work with and quick with her payments once she got my PM's, and she even reminded me to leave her feedback once she had left it for me, something I wish more people would be proactive about doing. I'd do business with her again! Thank you! :)
    16. hihihellokitty participated in my LUTS go. She was prompt with payments and friendly in communication, I couldn't recommend her more!
    17. I traded an SD dress in exchange for her Obitsu Sheba head. Communication with her was excellent, and shipping for the items was prompt and fast on both ends. She's a nice, patient, sweet person to deal with. I'd trade with her again! :D
    18. hihihellokitty bough a pair of shoes from me, she was lovely to deal with, paid fast and the communication was great. Definitely highly recommended ^^ !
    19. Bought a doll outfit from me. Prompt, friendly, great to work with. Thanks so much!!!!!
    20. I bought a doll from hihihellokitty. Wonderful transaction. Super fast shipping and very well packaged. Thank you!