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Feedback for Hikarusan1993

Oct 28, 2007

    1. If you've bought something from me or I've bought something from you, please leave feedback for me here! Thanks!​
    2. Hikarusan1993 bought a shirt from me. She paid quickly and her communication was great. Wonderful customer! <3<3<3
    3. I just completed the funniest transaction ever with Hikarusan1993. She's a gem. She sold me an Abio Angel boy body which just arrived and is perfect.

      BUT! what a trip this poor boy had! Fedex very nicely delivered it.... to the same person who had bought its former head. In a different transaction. On a different day. :lol: Hikarusan1993 was great about getting in touch with them, with the other buyer, with them again and yes, he made it to me after taking the "scenic route." None of it was in any way her fault... but she was *beside herself* trying to get the body to me!!

      Fabulous stuff. She's a great seller. Have all confidence in doing business with her :)
    4. I bought a pair of pants from her, and she was very quick, helpful, and friendly! I would not be opposed to dealing with her again. :3
    5. Hi there! I just purchased a Yi head from Hikarusan1993 and it was a great transaction - super quick ship and great comms! Would buy again!
    6. I bought a pair of SD boots from Hikarusan1993~ She was super fast with communication and shipping =o They arrived with no problems~ I'd buy from her again 8D
    7. Hikarusan1993 participated in my Dollmore GO and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was patient when we had to go through the long and annoying wait of missing items being returned and very understanding! I'd be happy to deal with her again! Thank you so much!
    8. :aheartbeaBought some glasses and elastic from Amy and she's a truly one mature 14 year old, I wish she lived close by so I could have her influence my grandsons (14&12) about responsibility. Returned emails, answered all questions with delight. Thank you and High recommends to others that buy!:aheartbea
    9. Hi there! I just purchased my Yi's wig from Hikarusan1993 and the transaction was perfect. Quick ship, item just as pictured! Will do business again!
    10. Hikarusan1993 commisioned me to make a pair of jeans for her, and she was great to deal with. Paid promptly and everything! Thanks!
    11. Joined my group order and was a pleasure to work with! Anytime!
    12. Bought a pair of MSD shoes from her. She was very easy to deal with and a fast shipper. Thank you!
    13. Great doing business with her

      She joined my group order and paid the same day that the invoice went to her.

      I hope she joins again
    14. I purchased a gorgeous pair of eyes from hikarusan1993, they were shipped quickly and well-packaged. She also had very rapid communication. Thanks!
    15. I bought a Minifee Shushu from Hikarusan. I went with a layaway option that she was kind enough to offer. She was a pleasure to deal with throughout the transaction and kept in good contact. Thanks again!!!!
    16. Bought a MNF Shushu Sleeping Head from Hikarusan1993 back in March and the transaction was flawless. Very nice seller with fantastic items... Thank you so much!