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Feedback for HimikoMasa

Jan 18, 2012

    1. Oh, I didn't realize she didn't have a feedback still, so I guess I'm the first! ^^

      HimikoMasa contacted me for a face up commission on her boy, Ferris, and everything went really well. She provided me with a very funny form (XD) and was always easy to contact when I needed information, or approval. Everything went pretty smoothly and I would negotiate again with her in the blink of an eye! :)

      Positive Feedback
    2. I sold a Luts Senior Delf body for HimikoMasa on layaway. She always paid on time and it was a very good transaction ^^ I recomend!
    3. A very positive feedback!
      I sold Epidos Sword and Shield to HimikoMasa on layaway. She paid on time, very good communication and she say me when the items are arrived!
      A very serious person!
    4. I would like to leave very positive feedback for HimikoMasa. She was very patient with the shipping time that was out of both of our control. She also didn't mind when I sent the paperwork separately in an envelope because I had forgotten to include it in the package. A very positive transaction and great member of this community.
    5. I want to leave really positive feedback for HimikoMasa. I bought from her IOS - S head and I got it really quickly.
      She was very obliging and the communication with her was great. :)
      She shipped very soon after my payment and accommodate my wishes about packing and so. Head was carefully packed and got no damage ^.^
      It was pleasure to deal with her :)
    6. I hosted a GO of SOOM parts and Himiko was one of the members.
      She's a very friendly buyer and paid her parts as we combined.
      I'd deal with her anytime!

    7. HimikoMasa bought a Nanuri head from me, very friendly and great to deal with. Thankyou so much for adopting him and making this a very easy sale for me ^^
    8. himiko bought two soom heads from me in layaway (nephelin and dolomi). she's very friendly in all our negotiations.

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    9. I bought LeekeWorld Rihael head (ws) from HimikoMasa. The head arrived safely ))
      It was a really nice transaction, I enjoyed every bit of it.
      Himiko, thank you so much for great deal and communication, you've been most positive, helpful and friendly!
    10. HimimoMasa purchased a Volks DWC 3 head from me on layaway. She was great with communication, paid promptly, and patiently waited for her friend to pay me off on her purchase so they could be shipped together. I would be happy to sell to either girl anytime!
    11. I've traded some wigs with HimikoMasa and she also commissioned a faceup from me. It was everything very nice, negotiation was plesant and I had no problems with the whole transaction. I wouldn't hesitade doing business with her again!