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feedback for Hisukioni

Jul 20, 2010

    1. I should probably have one of these since shouldn't I...

      Well here it is!
    2. Hisukioni joined my Dream of Doll group order. It was a fast/last-minute GO in time for DoD's sale, and Hisukioni was a great participant -- paid quickly, responded promptly without drama or trouble. Participants like these make a GO host's job so much easier! Thanks for joining my GO, would be happy to transact with you again in future. :)

    3. [​IMG]

      ~*~ Dollmore Group Order ~*~

      ❧Hisukioni❧ participated in my very first Dollmore Group Order here in DoA. She was very friendly and a joy to deal a transaction with. Her payments were prompt and so was her communication. I would love to have her on my group order anytime.

      Thank you so much for making my first G.O. successful here in DoA.

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      ❦ Decy ❦

    4. Hisukioni participated in my Luts GO! She was very friendly, and made all her payments promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again in the future! Thank you so much!
    5. Hisukioni joined my first spilt for a soom TG argil body. Absolutely Wonderful to deal with, fast pms and fast payment. Spot on :) would gladly do business again! Thankyou for joining my split!
    6. Hisukioni purchased a limited Leeke wig from me. Payment was prompt and she also let me know when the item arrived. I would certainly do business with her again!
    7. participated in my luts go. Always paid promptly and very pleasant to communicate with. thank you very much for joining :D