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Feedback for hmeyer15

Mar 17, 2012

    1. Please leave feedback if I have ever purchased from you/done a group order with you/purchased from me. Both good and bad feedback is welcome, but I do love to hear good things. :)

      Thanks and have a great day!
    2. I'm happy to be the first to leave feedback for hmeyer15. She joined my luts GO & was completely pleasant through the whole event. Super fast payment & communication. There was a small error on one order item & I refunded her money & a portion of the shipping as an apology. She was awesome about the whole thing & was great to work with! Thank you so much for joining this GO and I would gladly love to work with you again
    3. hmeyer15 hosted a Leekeworld GO - she did a great job, was quick with communication and answering any questions.. she was friendly and shipped fast.. She was great all around. I'd be happy to do any business with her in the future.

      Great job and thanks so much!
    4. I joined the Leekeworld GO with hmeyer15 and she did a great job with everything and even helped fix a mistake with my order that happened early on (I had typed the wrong wig number ^^;;;) would definitely do business with her again!!
    5. I joined hmeyer15's "Leekeworld GO" and can say that the entire process went perfect. Communication was quick and understandable and my order arrived very quickly once it arrived at her home. I'd absolutely do business with her again :3
    6. I joined hmeyer15's Leekeworld GO too, and I have to agree that it was a perfect transaction. She was prompt to respond to messages, updated us when we asked for it, and made sure things went very smooth. She shipped out my item quickly, and overall I would definately recommend her for buying and selling :).
    7. +Positive!+

      I joined hmeyer15's Leekeworld GO recently. Communication and invoices were done promptly and everything was run smoothly, especially considering it was her first one. I would definitely join another of her GOs in the future! Thanks for everything!
    8. I was in hmeyer15's Leekeworld GO. She was very understanding and easy to communicate with. She shipped out my items very fast, and they arrived in great condition. Thank you very much for all!
    9. I bought some urethane eyes from hmeyer15. She was very friendly, and very sweet, the eyes were nicely packed and arrived pretty quickly. I definitely recommend hmeyer15 as a seller. :)
    10. I was also in the Leeke GO. Everything was great, thank you very much!
    11. I joined hmeyer's Leekeworld preorder GO! She was a natural at this and kept everyone in the loop, and everything was done in a timely order. I would definitely join another of her GOs! <3
    12. Took part in hmeyer's Leekeworld Preorder GO. She was an amazing host--got things together quickly, kept everyone up to speed, was very courteous and timely--and super super kind! I'd take part in a GO hosted by her again anytime!
    13. I joined HMeyer's Leekeworld GO, and it went very smoothly! She shipped very quickly, and was a pleasure to work with!
    14. I joined a Leeke GO run by hmeyer15 and it was great! She kept us all updated and shipped the wigs out promptly after arrival from Leeke! I would not hesitate to join another GO run by her. :D
    15. I bought some beautiful Mako eyes from hmeyer15, and I love them! Transaction was pleasant, was very friendly, and the packaging was super cute and fast shipping!! Thank you!!
    16. bought a wig from hmeyer15, transaction was flawless :) ship very quickly also :)
    17. I was in a Leeke GO run by hmeyer15 and she was great - kept us up to date and shipped off the wig quickly. Thanks so much!!
    18. hmeyer15 bought a wimukt outfit from me~ everything was perfect, communication was friendly and payment came promptly! She also let me know as soon as the item arrived!
      Thank you so much~ would love to do business again anytime! c:
    19. I bought the cutest little shoes from hmeyer15
      She communicated well and they are just what I wanted. Good seller.
      Thanks, Chrysella
    20. I bought a pair of MSD converse from hmeyer15 and it was a great transaction! communication, packaging and shipping was all great. Would buy from her again :)