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Feedback for honeyedbiscuit!

Jan 19, 2007

    1. I'm starting this because she doesn't have one. ;)

      Anyway, I bought a suit from her, and she was wonderful - very friendly in PMs and packaged it very well. I couldn't be happier, and I am sure my boy will look dashing in it.
    2. I've participated in several group orders that honeyedbiscuit ran, and we've bought/sold things directly, too--she is absolutely reliable, honest, efficient, and sweet to deal with for any kind or size of transaction. :aangel:
    3. I bought a suit for my boy from honeyedbiscuit and the quality/size/condition was exactly as she described! Neatly pressed, gorgeous material, amazing quality and worksmanship. It was so delicately packaged I didn't want to rip the wrapping paper. (But i did ><, in a frenzy to try the outfit on)
      Extremely friendly, and just overall fantastic for my second purchase in the marketplace. :)
      I'll update this with a picture asap. :D


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    4. She's one of my favorite people on DoA to transact with :) I couldn't recommend her more.
    5. ^-^ I recently sold honeyedbiscuit some charms and she was very pleasant to work with. Very friendly and prompt~ Would definitely recommend her to everyone (buyers and sellers alike)

    6. I've just had a trade with honeyedbiscuit and I'm very pleased!
      She was perfect in communication,honest and a pleasure to deal with!
      ^^ thank you again!
    7. Honeyedbiscuit is a incredibly lovely person and seller . Always a pleasure buying things from

      the eyes are wonderful...
    8. Honeyedbiscuit bought a scarf and some pins from me...fast payment, good communication, an all around great buyer! :)
    9. I bought a little soulkid tiffee from Honeyedbiscuit, everything went wonderful, my new little girl got her safe and fast and perfect.

      Honeyedbiscuit was wonderful to work with, and was patient with working out a layaway with me!
    10. (*&#12444;&#8711;&#12444;)&#12494;~ another smooth transaction with the ever-friendly honeyedbiscuit~!

    11. I'm sorry this is late!

      I had an excellent transaction with honeyedbiscuit! She bought a book from me and paid immediately. Great communication and she let me know when it arrived! I would definately not mind doing another transaction with her ^_^
    12. Group Dollga order she did was Wonderful! arrived safe and packed with care and all items the ones I wanted :)

      Very happy with my new stash, shoes are great and the wigs are a breath of fresh air for the new boys in the house. Now all they need is faceups!!

      Would do another for sure.
    13. Honeyedbiscuit ran the Dollga Group Order I was a part of, she was incredibly nice and friendly in PMs, was amazingly fair in her shipping charges and never made me worry that I would not receive my items.

      I would definitely buy or join another of her group orders again. :daisy
    14. honeyedbiscuit participated in a group order I ran; she was prompt with payments and a joy to deal with. Thanks so much! ^^
    15. I bought a doll head from honeyedbiscuit. She was wonderful to deal with, very polite and kind through the whole thing, great communication, and wonderful item! Thanks so much for the great head!
    16. awesome to deal with! I just got Ch Sariel from her and she was great:) such a cute doll too!
    17. Another awesome transaction with honeyedbiscuit! She sold me a lovely sweater- it was shipped when promised and arrived without any damage and lookin' mighty fine! <3
    18. I just completed a trade with honeyedbiscuit and want to give her a thumbs up! :thumbup Good communication...prompt shipping with her part of the trade...I'm happy on my end! Thanks, Judith!
    19. I bought a Petite AI outfit and some sneakers from honeyedbiscuit. It was a perfect transaction, great communication and quick shipping! Thankyou!!
    20. I bought a pair of shoes and they were just as pictured, and wrapped really well, arrived in good time, etc. Honeyeyedbiscuit was very responsive and well communicated throughout the whole transaction. Highly recommended!