Feedback for HoneyRyder

Mar 2, 2016

    1. I am trying to build up my DoA feedback... I also have feedback available with eBay and Etsy.

      My Ebay username is honey23ryder feel free to look at feedback there also.

      Please leave me feedback after transactions, thank you ^_^
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    2. Recently HoneyRyder bought 3 pairs of eyes from me. She had a couple of extra questions, because it was her first purchase here on DoA, but everything went swimmingly. Communication was friendly and prompt and the payment was made very quickly.
      Highly recommended as a buyer. I would definitively do business with her again!
    3. HoneyRyder bought my Doll Zone demon egg. They were prompt with their payment and was very understanding when my shipping schedule got delayed. Would definitely sell to again!
    4. HoneyRyder commissioned me a face up and bodyblush for her PopovyDoll Peewit and she was totally sweet the whole time. Communication was very friendly and payment prompt. She also sent me the doll super well packed and let me know when she got her back safely at home.
      I would definitely recommend her as a buyer and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks sweetie <3