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Feedback for Hoobear!

Dec 28, 2006

    1. by popular demand here is ye olde feedback thread for moi! so anyone who has bought a hat, boxers, pants, doll, critter-please post your feedback here! thanks!!

      oh and i buy a lotta stuff too! :)
    2. haha popular demand.. that would be me. Fast easy transaction, nicely made hat at a reasonable price ^_^
    3. Yay! Feedback thread! My boy won't take the hat that hoobear made off at all! It's perfect! Smooth transaction, no hassle, and constant communication. :)
    4. Seriously adore the hat I got from Hoobear for my Lishe. The stitching is perfect, and the entire thing looks very, very professional. I am SO happy with it and with the pleasant transaction in and of itself. HIGHLY recommended to anyone wanting to buy from Hoobear!
    5. I did a split with Hoobear off the Soom website for the Namu VoA twins. The transaction went as smooth as silk and she was a pleasure to deal with. On top of everything else she even included a cute pair of garden gnome boxer shorts for my Namu. I highly recommend doing business with her!!
    6. I custom ordered a hat from Hoobear. She was wonderfully pleasant, kept me updated and did wonderful work! I would definitely recommend her, and would happily trade with her again!

      Thanks Hoobear!
    7. I love Hoobear she is a joy to deal with and her hats and boxers are fantastic. I have many of both and plan on more.

      I highly recommend her.

      thank you Hoobear.
    8. I highly reccomend Jill ^^
      lovely to deal with
    9. I'd buy from Hoobear again! I ordered some boxers and a custom hat from her and I love them both!
    10. I had yet another awesome transaction with Jill! Despite the sad circumstances of the sale, it went smoothly and wonderfully! She is a great person!! Highly recommended! Here are some goodies purchased from her:

      The adorable red hat! It fits like a dream and my Lily loves it - refuses to take it off!
      Everything shown here!

    11. he was meant to be back with his brother!! thank you for taking him!!
    12. :thumbup

      I got an orange Foxy Hat from Jill and it is AWESOME!
      Great communication, Fast Shipping and Superb Quality!

      You know youre a cute little heartbreaker
      You know youre a sweet little lovemaker

      I wanna take you home
      I wont do you no harm, no
      Youve got to be all mine, all mine
      Ooh, foxy HAT :aheartbea

      I see you, heh, on down on the scene
      You make me wanna get up and scream
      Ah, baby listen now
      Ive made up my mind
      Im tired of wasting all my precious time
      Youve got to be all mine, all mine
      Foxy HAT :aheartbea
    13. Purchased Little Junior jupiter from her. He was very well packed and arrived quickly. Communication was also very good. I would buy from Hoobear again in a heartbeat.

    14. Love dealing with Hoobear! My kids love her stuff!
    15. Thanks so much Hoobear! Purchased two items on ebay and both were shipped very quickly. Definitley a great seller & someone I'd buy from again.

      the sushi print shorts are too cute XD
    16. Hey :)

      I bought two hats from Hoobear, and the trade was wonderful. Hoobear is a really nice seller, and fast to reply on pm's, and the shipping was top of the pop, shipped out very fast ^^ Thanks my friend...
    17. Bought 5 hats from Hoobear! She was wonderful seller, communicate constantly and let me know when she shipped them! Would buy more cute hats soon!

      Bear hat I gifted to friends' doll

      White bunny hat for one of my girls

      Thanks again Hoobear!
    18. My two little fox hats came even faster than i could have hoped, and they're super adorable! Thank you so much! I'll add some pictures here once i get my camera back.
    19. This entire transaction was a joy, Hoobear was -so- helpful and came up with a hat that was even better than what I'd initially envisioned :D

      Shipping was incredibly fast too, I'm delighted with the end result. I'm definitely going to have to order again ^_^
    20. just got two lovely hats :)
      Hoobear's very friendly and nice. Perfect transaction. Thanks again!