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Feedback for Hoothoot

Jan 8, 2007

    1. I didn't see any other thread here for Hoothoot, so here's a new one XD

      I bought a doll head from her, and everything went very smoothly, with plenty of friendly communication and status updates. Thanks! :D
    2. I bought a 1/4 bobobie boy body from HootHoot and everything went perfectly! She's very friendly and kept me up to date with when the package was shipped and when to expect it. ^__^ I would definetely buy from Hoothoot again!
    3. Hoothoot has ever buy Bobobie dolls, she is a polite and patient buyer.
    4. I sold Hoothoot a doll head and it was a perfect transaction. She was quick to communicate and made immediate payment for the head. The shipping was problem free even though the buyer lives in Finland.

      I would highly recommend this buyer. :)