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Feedback for HorrorVacui

Oct 14, 2010

    1. Hello.

      This is my feedback thread :D
      Let me kindly know, if I´m a good buyer / seller.

      Thank you very much ^^
    2. HorrorVacui bought my Soom Syen head and wa very nice to work with. Paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived :)

      Thank you!
    3. I sold dollheart outfits to HorrorVacui. The communication was great and the payment was sent very fast.
      HorrorVacui also let me know when the items arrived. Thank you so much ^^
    4. HorroVacui bought a wig from me and it was a pleasure doing business with her. She paid promptly and was always very sweet and friendly in her communication. She also informed me of the wig's safe arrival. I would certainly recommend her :D
    5. sold a wig to HorroVacui and thank you for your understanding!! >__<
      Best buyer! Highly recommend! =D
      Thank you so much!!!
    6. HorrorVacui was very sweet. She asked if she could buy just the orange sweater from my Featherfall Steampunk set. Since thatw as the part that seemed to mess up the set from fitting my boys properly I was fine with idea and set a price. She paid fast and let me know when it arrived. Very happy with whole transaction.
    7. I sold her an SD Dollmore outfit, and awesome! Super sweet, and the payment was done the moment I told her pricing of shipping. I'm super happy to have done this transaction. Would Sell and buy from her in the future ^___^
    8. HorrorVacui purchased an outfit from me. She was very friendly, everything went smoothly. I absolutely recommend her! :goldstar

      Thank you so much! :D
    9. Sold a customised handmade furwig to HorrorVacui. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    10. HorrorVacui bought a DZ body from me. She was super sweet and always so kind in her PMs and payment was sent quickly after we confirmed the price. She PM'd me right away when she received the body with a picture of her boy on the body which I really appreciate/adore! I absolutely love dealing with her and recommend her fully as a buyer! Thanks again for this fabulous transaction!
    11. HorrorVacui bought a Soom Chrom head from me.

      She sweetly messaged me and asked if I would be willing to hold him until she got the money and was thrilled when I said yes. ^_^ Every interaction was just as wonderful from then until she let me know he arrived(after paying for him sooner then she thought she'd be able)

      A wonderful transaction! Super sweet buyer. <3
    12. Sold a customised handmade furwig to HorrorVacui. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    13. I sold another coat to HorrorVacui again as our second transaction. She is an absolutely nice buyer ever. =) Thank you very much for buying from me again with the not very nice experience you had from me last time. ^__^
    14. HorrorVacui bought a SD wig from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to deal with! Thank you and hope your doll likes the wig! :3
    15. HorrorVacui bought a pair of slippers from me. As always, a wonderful, understanding buyer who is a pleasure to deal with! Definitely recommended! Thank you once again! :3
    16. Sold my DOD Camine to HorrorVacui, They had excellent contact and very plesent. They let me know as soon as the doll arrived safelt, I wouldn't hesitate to have them as a buyer again. Thank you for such a smooth transaction! <3
    17. She bought a Mecha Angel Sabik from me. Very good communication and payment was received early! I highly recomend her and would happily do business again!
    18. HorrorVacui bought dress from me. The payment was fast and communication nice and very good. Highly recommended ^^
      Thank you! :)
    19. Oh, totally forgot to add the feedback for a transaction a few weeks ago.

      Okay, here we go. :D

      I sold Ringdoll Sol's default Full-Set Outfit to Vacui some time ago.
      And I also sold my Dollshe Saint head (with OE + SA faceplate) to her.
      Both transaction have been perfect!
      She's friendly and pays immediately. :) She also let me know when the items arrived.
      Thank you! ^^
    20. Commissioned by HorrorVacui for a faceup. Great commissioner! Patient, fast payment and lovely to deal with. Pleasure to work for. Thank you very much!