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Feedback for HostileLolita

Jan 8, 2012

    1. Figured I should go ahead and make one for myself. ^^ :aheartbea
    2. Hostile Lolita commissioned me for a faceup and piercings. She kept in contact well and was a pleasure to deal with. ^_^ Thank you!
    3. i sold HostileLolita my Delf Boy Body and everything was great!
    4. Hostile Lolita bought some clothes from me. Lovely buyer, quick payment and PMs - enjoy!
    5. I purchased a Luts Delf Type 3 boy body from HostileLolita. She replied to all of my messages promptly and allowed me to make my payments in the span of a few days. She shipped it out right away and the body arrived in no time, packaged with plenty of bubble wrap and air pillows.:) Overall, she was a friendly seller and everything went very smooth! Thank you!
    6. HostileLolita purchased 2 wigs from me. A wonderful buyer, easy to deal with, communication was great and payment was quick. Thank you.
    7. HostileLolita participated in my Luts group order. She was quick to reply, made payments promptly and was a pleasure to interact with. I would definitely recommend dealing with her!

      Thanks again, it's been a pleasure! :)
    8. HostileLolita purchased an Angell-Studio Amy from me on a six month layaway. She was punctual and timely with her payments, even paying sometimes before I even had the chance to PM her that she was due! Communication was flawless, down to her PMing me to confirm her condition upon arrival. I would never hesitate to do business with her, it was an absolute pleasure.

      Thank you, and I hope you love your new Amy!