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Feedback for HuntedRose

Apr 29, 2006

    1. Some time ago I placed an ad looking for someone who could make me the Volks Vol3 vampire outfit. Huntedrose offered to do it for me at a good price in exchange for writing up a review of the quality of her work since she was new to the marketplace. The outfit had been quite delayed and there were a few times I was worried I wasn't going to be recieving it at all, but it did finally get here today via special registered airmail that SHE paid for when the first set of clothing got lost in the mail.

      The quality of her work is AMAZING. I am not someone who is easily impressed because I have insane standards when it comes to quality and details, but I have to say that hands down her work is the best I've seen from something home-made... the quality and tailoring of it is up there with any of the clothes I've bought from Dollheart, Luts, Souldoll, etc.

      Sewing: The stitching is flawless and tiny, every line is perfectly straight and all the margins/edges/hems are absolutely even. Every loose edge on the inside has been serged as well. Out of a whole outfit, there is only a space of about 1cm with stitching that is even vaguely loose, the rest of it has perfect tension. The loose stitching may well be my fault as well, since I was in a bit of a hurry putting the clothes on my doll! Everything about it is very professionally done and finished to a refreshingly high standard.

      Fabrics: She went out of her way to use the best materials she could find and the best colours. I'm dreadfully impressed with the fabrics she picked out for this project. The trousers and the jacket are made from a flocked black material that is very strong but also soft and supple. In a way it feels/looks quite dusty almost - just as you'd expect a vampire's clothes to be. She also found a subtle red in the same material to use for the external detail areas on the coat, like the collar and the cuffs. The pattern has some gold trimming on the edges too and I was half-expecting some horribly blatant gold trim, but its NOT. OMG, Huntedrose picked out some fantastic dark/aged gold trim that completely looks the part. Its subtle and sophisticated. The lining of the jacket was made from antique sari silk that is a sort of shimmery matte red with an amazing purplish 'glow' to it. The texture and appearance of it is absolutely perfect for a vampire as it LOOKS old and luxurious. The shirt is made from a relatively thin white cloth that is a perfect weight for using for a doll, although just ever so slightly see-through. She also made a special effort to find actual cotton lace for the cuffs and collar of the shirt instead of synthetic. Its nicer to the touch but also adds to the aged look of the whole outfit. It would have been nice if it had been a bit smaller/finer in scale, but it may well not even exist.

      Tailoring: She had the original Volks pattern to build the outfit from, but I also made sure she knew it was for a CP/Luts boy. She was able to adapt the pattern to fit a CP boy without actually HAVING one around to model it on. It fits wonderfully too, particularly the trousers. The trousers and shirt have a masterful use of darts placed in exactly the right spots. She seriously did her homework on the size and shape of CP boys because its just amazing. The jacket itself isn't as fitted around the waist as it could have been, but doesn't look out of place or strange at all. It looks quite natural the way it is as jackets are usually a bit loose and it still has a nice defined outline to it. The jacket also has a lining that is very well executed. Linings are particularly hard to do, so I have much respect for the job she did on it.

      Details: The shirt has a tiny doll-scaled hook and eyelet at the collar and tiny gold buttons and button holes running down the front. The jacket has a bat-wing shaped collar to it and based on the original Volk's pattern it is supposed to have curved detail lines leading to the points of the wings. Huntedrose actually went so far as to have these lines *EMBROIDERED*and they are perfect. The pattern also calls for two fabric roses on the front with a chain running between them that serves as a clasp. Huntedrose hand-made the roses out of the same material as the lining and made a very small-scale gold chain with a tiny garnet bead in the middle of each link.

      Overall, I am drop-dead impressed and although she has had some initial trouble getting her commissions finished, she's proven herself to be very dedicated to fixing these problems. She also has a very keen sense of detail and knows what fabrics will give the best effect for the project at hand. I wanted a vampire's outfit and while anyone can get the pattern for it from Volks, but Huntedrose really gave it the atmosphere of a vampire's clothing through her choices of fabrics, colours, textures, details, etc.

      Without a doubt I will be looking to hire her for all of my clothing commissions, because her work is as high quality as it is ever going to get. Despite a bumpy start, I really do think that Huntedrose is the real deal. She's basically done the impossible by truly impressing me.
    2. Deleted Photos.
    3. Please do! That pattern makes my head hurt. Anyone that could pull it off nearly as well as you described must be a wonderful seamstress!
    4. I am looking forward to seeing this outfit! She sounds like she can command really high prices!
    5. Updated with photos!
    6. Wow, the Outfit looks really good O_O Thanks for the review. I definately know who to commission if i need it ^^
    7. WOW!! Stunning work!
    8. I'm giving this a small bump up because I think Huntedrose really deserves to be noticed for the quality of her work.
    9. i completely agree with Kurosakura! i ordered a pair of MSD sized bondage pants from Huntedrose and they are AMAZING! she used super nice material (nice and heavy, not cheap stuff), the details are just awesome, stitching flawless, real working snaps, pockets and zippers! i was very very pleased with my purchase! here's my minifee el, Ronin, modeling them: