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Feedback for hunting_naiad

Oct 20, 2006

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, please leave feedback here!

      Thanks! :)
    2. I bought an AR hat from hunting_naiad, recommended seller ^^
    3. hunting_naiad is a great buyer! ^__^
    4. Had a most successful split of an "After School" Shirou with hunting_naiad. :) Communication was excellent and she was always timely with her obligations. ;) I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her. :cheer

      Thumbs up all the way. :thumbup
    5. A great buyer, she was very prompt with payment and very friendly to deal with at all times. :D Thanks so much for the great transaction!
    6. More good feedback for hunting_naiad! :) Thanks to her I was able to get a doll chess set from soom. :)
    7. I sold hunting_naiad a pair of overalls. She paid promptly and was kind enough to leave feedback letting me know when they arrived. Thanks very much!
    8. This is unhappy feedback that I don't want to leave, but I must.
      I sent a package, which apparently she did not recieve, but I did provide proof in the form of a reciept, that her item was sent. (She asked me specifically for the untracked airmail.) Still, she continued to demand a refund, even though I as a seller completed my end per her request. She even filed a paypal claim on the topic. If selling to this buyer, REQUIRE tracked mail.
      I also must say communication was not very good. I had to request info on whether or not the item had been recieved, I informed well of what was happening... yet often she was VERY slow to respond.

      Photo of the reciept is Here (http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j41/ChiByakko/snowfest043.jpg) to prove that I am not simply making up negative feedback. Her item is the second, shipped for 670yen, weighing 156.5 grams.
      I hate to leave this, but this transaction has been a nightmare, and as such, it must be done.
    9. On Jan. 9, I paid for a Dollheart jumpsuit that ChiByakko was selling. I sent the payment less than 12 hours after she had sent me her PayPal address. She offered a choice between regular airmail and EMS, and I chose regular airmail as I have never had a problem receiving packages sent that way. She claimed that she had sent it in a PM I received on Jan. 9.

      On Jan. 17, ChiByakko PMed me to ask whether the jumpsuit arrived; I replied within 4 minutes that it had not, but that I would let her know when it had.

      On Jan. 26, ChiByakko again PMed to ask whether the jumpsuit had arrived; I replied the next day that it still had not arrived, and sent her my address again to check to make sure that the package had been addressed properly.

      On Jan. 28, ChiByakko PMed to say that the address was right, and asked me to contact her the following Saturday (Feb. 3) if the package still had not arrived. On Feb. 3, I PMed her to let her know that the package had indeed not arrived. I asked her to confirm that she was sure she had sent it, and asked for her mailing information so I could check with my local post office to see if there was anything I could do.

      On Feb. 4, ChiByakko claimed that she was completely sure that she had sent out the package, gave me her mailing information, and said she would check at her local post office. On Feb. 5, I told her I would stop by my local post office, which I did, and on Feb. 6, I PMed again to report that the post office could not find my package there but gave me a number to call and also suggested that she (the seller) start an inquiry on her end.

      On Feb. 7, I PMed yet again to report the outcome of my phone call to the post office, in which I was again told that I could not file a lost mail report and that the seller would have to start an inquiry. Having not heard from her since Feb. 4, I asked whether she had had any luck at her local post office. ChiByakko replied on the same day to say that the Japanese post office had taken her name and the mailing date, but could not track the package. She offered to sew something for me as a replacement and mail it out in a few weeks.

      On Feb. 9, I replied that while I appreciated her offer, I'd rather have a refund, specifying that if the jumpsuit ever showed up, I'd repay her for it. ChiByakko replied the same day that she would not send me a refund.

      On Feb. 11, after having waited for more than a month to receive the item, I filed a PayPal dispute, since it was clear that she would not refund my money for this non-delivered item. In response, ChiByakko PMed me a link to the same image she has linked to on this thread. The receipt in this image (as far as I can tell through the blurriness) does not specifically indicate that anything was sent to my address (e.g., neither my zip code nor address is on the receipt); it could be a receipt for any package she sent out.

      ChiByakko replied to the PayPal dispute the same way she had responded to my PMs, making it clear that she would not send a refund.

      I waited until Feb. 24 (more than 6 weeks after I paid) in the hope that the package would arrive (if exceedingly late), and then escalated the PayPal dispute to a claim as a last resort.

      As you can see from the chain of communication above, I was quick to respond and send updates of actual information throughout the transaction. I did not send messages that I had received the item because I had NOT received the item; I was waiting patiently for it to arrive.

      To sum up, I paid for an item, waited more than 6 weeks for it, tried to track it down with my local post office, and communicated extensively with ChiByakko throughout the process. Chibyakko has no proof that she actually sent the item to me, and refused to refund me for something I never got.
    10. I have offered you proof that I sent the item, I gave you a picture of the reciept! You took the risk of the package being lost by choosing regular airmail. I tried to talk to you through PMS, but you do not respond. Instead you go to paypal. If you know you chose airmail, why do you continue to force the issue through paypal?! You can't hold me responsible for YOUR choice!
    11. hunting_naiad was part of my recent Mystic Eyes group order.
      She paid promptly, communicated well and was great to deal with!
      Thanks, and enjoy your eyes :daisy