Feedback for Hyakkiyagyo

Feb 4, 2017

    1. Please leave your feedback here, Thank you for dealing with me!
    2. I bought a Winterrain June head from Hyakkiyagyo through BJD Addicts and it was a wonderful transaction; everything went smoothly, the head is even more beautiful than the photos and gave me a beautiful wig and set of eyes as a gift! I would buy from again in a heartbeat. Thank you, I'm very pleased with June, he is lovely!
    3. I got an IoS Sezz head from them on Facebook. Awesome seller. They responded to me quickly whenever I had a question and sent me additional photos at my request. They updated me with shipping details promptly and my head arrived as promised, in perfect condition, with the COA and the original IoS container. I would buy from this seller again in a heartbeat!
    4. I bought aprillstory body from Hyakkiyagyo. A++++++++++++++ seller! It was a wonderful transaction; everything went smoothly, body perfect condition! Thank you a lot! ♥
    5. My new Switch Milhwa Head that I purchased from Hyakkiyagyo through TheResinMarket came to me in perfect condition, Shipping was fast and communication was excellent! They even included a set of eyes as a gift! Would purchase from again. Thank you!
    6. I bought SWITCH Seolrok holy ver. from Hyakkiyagyo ^^
      she's kind and patient for answering my questions. The shipment was a bit delayed because of new year holiday, but the head arrived safely (although the box is damaged maybe due shipment, the head is okay and perfect !)

      thankyou so much !
    7. I sold an April Story Adrian head to Hyakkiyagyo in BJD Addicts forum in Facebook. The transaction is very excellent! She paid right after the dealing, it's not even took an hour. She told me too when the head was arrived safely. This is my first 1-on-1 BJD transaction internationally and I am so glad ^^ Thank you very much!
    8. I bought an Asleep Eidolon Evan head from Hyakkiyagyo and the transaction went smoothly. And even though its the Christmas holidays, the head arrived in a timely manner. I am very happy with the head. She even included a couple of little gifts that I was not expecting. Thank you very much!
    9. I bought an asleep eidolon arweil with a myou doll zuzanna head from Hyakkiyago. Transaction went smoothly and communication was excellent. Doll as described and I am very happy. Thanks!
    10. I bought ChicaBonita Kanaria head with DanceSoul Company Big baby angel body from Hyakkiyagyo.
      She's kind to allow me layaway. The shipment was a bit delayed because of the Christmas holiday, but the doll arrived safely.

      Thank you!
    11. I bought a DF-A gift head from Hyakkiyagyo. Communication was fast and polite, and the doll head was quickly sent. Doll is in perfect condition.
      Thank you again for this sale!
    12. I bought an aprilstory adrian head and a popo doll body. I had a short layaway and had excellent communication. He arrived well packaged and I am very happy with everything over all. He came with some nice extras too. Thank you.
    13. I bought an Atelier Limo head from Hyakkiyagyo. Very happy overall, great communication and shipped fast.
      It arrived safely, other than customs messing up the box, but everything inside was safe.

      Thank you!
    14. I bought some hands from Hyakkiyagyo. They were shipped quickly and communication was good. They arrived in perfect condition. Overall a very good transaction!
    15. ★ Positive Feedback! ★

      I bought a pair of Switch hands from @Hyakkiyagyo and it was a flawless transaction! Replies were polite and made promptly, the package shipped out fast and arrived to me without any problem, very well packaged. Would 100% recommend this seller, thank you!
    16. I bought a pair of jointed hands and boy heel feet from Hyakkiyagyo, and couldn't be happier. They were shipped promptly and arrived safely. Would definitely recommend this seller. Thank you very much!! <3
    17. Bought a full doll from this seller. Shipping was fast and he was very well packaged. Communication was great. I would definitely recommend this seller!
    18. !!! Positive !!!

      Bought a Charmdoll 71 cm boy body from Hyakkiyagyo - totally satisfied and very happy! Excellent communication, great layaway conditions and incredibly fast shipping.

      Thanks a lot!
      Highly recommend this seller!:thumbup
    19. Purchased a Shoushou Doll Goudan hybrid from Hyakkiyagyo. Everything went well and received him well packaged. Would recommend this seller to others!
    20. I purchased a MaoGui Neko GouDan mini head in semi white. Came as described! very happy.