Feedback for hyschara

May 25, 2007

    1. Since she doesn't have a feedback thread and so I'm creating one for her :)
      hyschara is a very good buyer, she paid fast, she is also a very nice person and we have good communication! I highly recommend her :D
    2. Thank you ikomitsu <3

      If anyone else had had any transactions with me, please leave a feedback here. I'll leave you a feedback in return, if I haven't already^^;
      Thank you <3
    3. hyschara commissioned two wigs from me and she was a real pleasure to work with! super friendly and reliable ^^
    4. hyschara bought a few little Bratz items from me. She paid promptly and let me know of their safe arrival!
      Thanks so much!!

    5. hyschara was going to participate in a group order I was running, and paid immediately! Unfortunately, due to payment issues with Luts, I had to cancel the order. hyschara was very friendly to work with and I hope to do more business with her in the future! :)
    6. hyschara bought a wig from me. Fast ans smooth transactions! Thanks!!
    7. Hyschara bought a pair of msd pants from me, and was a lovely buyer throughout the transaction. Thanks heaps! ^__^
    8. I purchased a pair of MSD jeans and they came quickly and were exactly as described. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    9. Hyschara bought several fur wigs from me, and she was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication, prompt payment, and she let me know when they arrived, as requested! Lovely transaction overall!
    10. Hyschara bought a Luts cloth body from me and was a delight to work with, and even told me when she got the body!

      Thank you! :)
    11. Hyschara bought a modded El head from me and was a complete pleasure and very considerate buyer. Good luck getting the Ryu head you want, too! :)
    12. I bought a pair of glass eyes from her and she kept me informed every step of the way. ^_^ Thank you so much! :D
    13. Hyschara bought my El head from me and it was a very pleasure to talk with her about that. Thank you so much for this transaction^^.
    14. hyschara bought an SD shirt from me. Payment was quick and communication was wonderful. Thanks again~ X3
    15. hyschara bought a pair of eyes from me. She was very friendly, paid really fast and let me know when the eyes arrived. She even took a picture to show me~ A wonderful buyer, thank you~! :aheartbea
    16. i bought a white dollmore top from her and it is in perfect condition.:)
    17. Bought a head, and it was packed well, and sent fast, and all went well!
    18. great person to deal with~!
    19. I bought a bunch of tiny clothes from hyschara and they arrived as described. I'm completely pleased with this transaction!!
      Thanks so very much!!