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Feedback For I_love_El

May 10, 2006

    1. She was really nice and let me pay for her wonderful vamp Shiwoo head in installments (I'm poor!). When he showed up she had even put some extra goodies in the box. He's the doll I first wanted and now he's mine!
    2. Can anyone tell give me any feedback about I_love_El. She/he is selling a BW Soo Vampire at a very tempting price for my pocket and I consider it a good deal, here is the link : http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67345 I am asking if anyone has a previous trade expirience with this person and if it was good or not. Perphaps some advise as to buy or not buy this item.
    3. Hey, You should probably edit the title of this to be more specific; I think most people could figure that you were asking for feedback for yourself and not look at the thread. You can edit titles in advanced mode. good luck!
    4. She's really, really nice. I got Luka (my Shiwoo dreaming vamp) head off her. She was very understanding that I was poor and let me do a layaway. (I did manage to pay him off the week of some big holiday in Spain, but that has nothing to do with her as a seller)

      I'd say totally go for it. If she was patient/honest enough to deal with me taking about two and a half months to pay for a head, you should totally go for the Soo. (And make me stop drooling over it. :))
    5. She is a great person to deal with. Very kind and fast.
    6. The girl simply rocks. I just received me WB Soo Vampire, in only three short days!!! I think she is using homing missles for shipping:ppp Very polite and cooperative.:sumomo: :sumomo: :sumomo:
    7. ~I was a Seller~

      ~I was a Buyer~
    8. great to deal with
      prompt payment and replies!
    9. I_LOVE_EL bought a pair of glass eyes from me, She is a wonderful buyer, paid fast and has excellent communication.
    10. I_LOVE_EL bought some outfits from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    11. I_love_El placed a small order at my shop.
      Paid swiftly and was great to deal with ^^ I'm all happy and she's always welcome back.
    12. Lovely lovely person to deal with - good communication, quick payment & lovely follow up note to let me know the doll had arrived safely:) Highly recommend her! Thank you I_love_El for a wonderful transaction!
    13. I sold a delf body to I_love_El, it was a lovely transaction. Communication was friendly and prompt, fast payment and she let me know once it arrived. An excellent buyer! Thank you.
    14. I_love_El bought a Harange head from me. The transaction was really smooth, great communication and prompt payment. She was also happy to wait for me to post it at the weekend. Excellent buyer, thank you!
    15. Super positive!! A+++
      Everything about the transaction was super pleasant. I highly recommend her :aheartbea
    16. Excellent transaction. All were perfect. An asset for our market place.
      Thank you very much!!! :)
    17. I_love_El bought a doll from me. It was a perfect transaction, everything went smoothly. Thanks so much ~ :)
    18. I_love_El bought a ddIII Yukino from me. Communication was excellent and the payment immediate. When the Dutch postal services had a small hiccup she was quite understanding (in the end it was a matter of hours before i could ship, but still a bit of a panic mode for me ;)...)
      i highly recomend her, thank you. Floor
    19. I_love_El bought my Elfdoll Vampire Red. She was very fast with payment and communication. She kept me updated when he arrived. :)
      It was an extremely pleasant transaction and I would definitely recommend her! A+
    20. I_love_El bought me two Lishes. It was a pleasure to deal with her, she was friendly, quick paiement and efficient communication. She is highly trustable :thumbup