Feedback for iamkathybrown

Aug 30, 2016

    1. Please leave feedback for me if I bought or sold something. Thank you!
    2. iamkathybrown bought a BeYours 65cm body from me and the transaction was perfect! Very nice and prompt communication & payments. I would do business with her again. Thank you so much!
    3. iamkathybrown bought a LLT Red Dove white skin head from me, and it was a pleasure doing business with her. Neat and prompt communication and payment.
    4. iamkathybrown was a member of my Fall Harvest Swap and was an excellent participant! I would glady have iamkathybrown in any future swaps I host as well as recommend her to any other swap hosts. Thank you! :)
    5. iamkathybrown took part in my most recent FMD wigs GO. They were a great participant, and understanding when issues with the company delayed the order. I'd highly recommend them for anyone else running an order, and would welcome them back into a future one as well. :)
    6. iamkathybrown bought a pair of Rrabit boots from me. They were quick to reply, sent payment on time, and were very polite and lovely to talk to. They also let me know when the package arrived. I would absolutely reccomend them to anyone :D
    7. I purchased a bjd head from iamkathybrown. Great communication and honest. Package came quickly after I paid. Very trustworthy. :dance