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Feedback for icantdance

Aug 31, 2010

    1. Please leave my feedback here <3
    2. I sold a Fairyland LittleFee faceplate to icantdance, and it was a very nice transaction. Excellent communication, she paid promptly as promise, and also promptly let me know when the faceplate arrived. ^^
      Thank you so much for a lovely transaction! ;)
    3. I have bought several BJD clothes from her shop and she's always a pleasure to deal with!! Fast shipping and good communication!
    4. I modded her Littlefee Piki' eyes from sleeping to half open. She stated clear what she want and it was a pleasure to work with her. Friendly and good communication :)

      Thanks again :)
    5. I purchased a Lati Halloween Lumi from icantdance, and the transaction couldn't have gone any more smoothly! She was so friendly, helpful, and nice!!! Thanks again!!!!!
    6. icantdance bought a lati from me. She paid instantly and the communication was friendly at all times. She notified me as soon as the doll arrived.
      I would highly recommend her to anyone! ^0^​
    7. I bought clothes for lati yellow from icantdance.
      She was very friendly and sent my items out super fast. I highly recommend her and would buy from her again any time. :)
    8. I purchased an outfit & boots from icantdance. She responded to ALL of my messages within minutes, confirmed she had received my payment (how great is that?) packed my clothes up & shipped them immediately! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND icantdance & will definitely be buying from her in the future!!!
      Thank You So Much!!!
    9. I purchased some Yosd clothes from icantdance. Everything went smoothly, she had great communication, shipped promptly and it arrived very quick! The quality is super as usual <3 Thanks!
    10. I purchased a YOSD dress icantdance made and it is beautiful; communication, shipping, everything went perfectly. thanks again!