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Feedback for Icchaeyo

Aug 30, 2007

    1. Hi :fangirl:

      Please leave feedback if you've had any transactions with me!

      Thank you very much~~~
    2. I bought a MF DES head from Icchaeyo. The whole transaction was wonderful! She arrived well packaged and is beautiful! I would deffinately buy from Icchaeyo again!
    3. Ordered a face up from this user and it was done quickly and with great skill. I totally love it so thank you! :D
    4. Had a faceup done on a friend's Dreaming Odelia head for a Christmas present and she came out beautifully~

      Would highly recommend Icchaeyo :D
    5. I have sent me Fin to her for a face up. She is great!!! Fast in response and fast in completing the task as well! My girl is beautiful. Thanks you so much.
    6. I've just got my sleeping Lishe back from Icchaeyo. This is the first time I've commissioned a face-up and it won't be the last I get from her. Lishe is beautifully and delicately painted - I'm absolutely thrilled.

      I'd recommend Icchaeyo very highly, not just for the quality of her work but her great communication and professionalism.
    7. I commisioned two face-ups from Icchaeyo and I really can't say enough nice things about her

      I think both the face-ups look even better in person, exactly what I wanted too, they really are both gorgeous

      Communication is excelent, I was notified promptly with photos every step of the way and Icchaeyo herself is an absolute delight to work with, I highly recomend her :D
    8. I set Icchaeyo a difficult task - to paint my DIM Flowne in the style of the Peaks Woods dolls by Valerie Zeitler. She is amazing - the painting is much better than the examples I sent. I'm thrilled with the result.
    9. I commissioned a faceup for my Unoa Lusis and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. I was kept up to date with friendly PMs and she was shipped back to me quickly. I will definately deal with again. Thanks so much :)
    10. I asked for a face-up for my SD Rose, that needed more work than expected. Icchaeyo is always friendly and does a fabulous work! Thank you very much :D
    11. I commissioned Icchaeyo to give my BBB Mei a faceup, and she did a fantastic job! Communications were excellent, PMs very friendly, and I didn't have to wait long. I couldn't be more pleased!
      Thanks so much Icchaeyo!
    12. I commissioned a faceup for my Unoa L-bi. It turned out absolutely beautiful, better than I could have expected. Icchaeyo was very prompt and friendly with her PM's, and Etty was shipped back to me quickly and carefully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her work to anyone, and would definitely commission from Icchaeyo again!
      Thank you very much!
    13. I commissioned two faceups from Icchaeyo and both were stunning!

      Shekept me informed every step of the way, showing in-progress pics and making any changes I requested. I am so happy with the way both my girls turned out. The preview images in no way did them justice.

      Links to her wonderful works for me are here:
      Soom Godo (female) http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y187/Icchaeyo/godofinalboth-small.jpg
      Soom Light Onyx http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y187/Icchaeyo/onyxfinalboth-small.jpg

      I will definitely commission future faceups from her in the future.
    14. I liked Icchaeyo's work so much the first time round, I just had to commission her again!
      My Narae has been given a beautiful fresh look, which is just what I wanted! Rest assured that if you commission Icchaeyo, you won't be disappointed.

    15. Echoing what everyone else has said about Icchaeyo's face-ups! She does really wonderful work and I couldn't be happier with the job she did on my Unoa Zero faceplate. It's exactly what I wanted, very precise and very detailed. Aside from just the quality of the work itself, she is also super-friendly, quick to respond to PMs, and all around awesome.

      My only regret is that I have no other heads to send to her for a face-up!!
    16. Caroline did a face-up on three of my U-noa face plates and blushed three sets of hands as well. She did a WONDERFUL job. I plan to send more faces to her soon.
      Thanks so much Caroline.
      Here is a few pictures of two of the girls! i will add the other girl later.
    17. Caroline did a beautiful face-up for my volks Cristal. Absolutely amazing work! Thank you so much!! :D
    18. A picture of the third face Caroline did for me! thanks so much. She is so cute.
    19. I sent my MNF Ryeon to Caroline for a face-up. She came back so beautiful! I didn't really have a clear idea, just some suggestions and Caroline interpreted them so well! :aheartbea

      This is Rebecca, who needs a body...
    20. I commissioned Icchaeyo a faceup for my Kun and she did a wonderful job. She gave me a lot of progression pictures and was very friendly. Thank you very much!