Feedback for Idyllhands

Mar 14, 2018

    1. Please share feedback for my transactions here.
    2. I recently sold my Infernale head to Idyllhands and can only say good about our transaction. She kept up with the conversation during the whole transaction, was very sweet and easy to talk to and she paid me right away when we agreed on the payment/shipping terms.

      She also messaged me immediately after my box arrived and left feedback for me too.I highly recommend her as a buyer and wouldn't hesitate to do business with her in the future again. Thank you <3
    3. I sold Idyllhands a pair of glass eyes, and everything went fantasticly, she was very polite, paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. I highly recommend her!~
    4. A great buyer! She bought my iOS 70class body and was prompt of payments and had great communication. :) would 100% reccomend her! :D
    5. Idyllhands bought a grey Lillycat Elanna from me on layaway, and the whole transaction went wonderfully. Great communication, made all the payments on time and actually finished the layaway sooner than we originally agreed. Would definitely do business with again.

    6. I sold Idyllhands a Dollzone Anson via layaway, per her WTB post, and it was a lovely transaction! She was a total pleasure to deal with. She sent her payments early and we had easy and friendly communication throughout. She kept me posted about issues (there was a postal strike) so we were always on the same page. I'm so happy that Anson went to her and I'd happy recommend her as a buyer. :hug:

      Thanks so much! :D
    7. I recently had the opportunity to buy and bring home a beautiful CP MNF vampire elf Shushu head. Communication was thorough and the head was packaged well. Very happy with the smooth and easy transaction.
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