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Jan 27, 2018

    1. Created for any transactions with ihnasarima -DoA
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    2. ihnasarima purchased a heap of things from me. Shoes, clothes and wigs. I found them very pleasant to deal with
    3. I did a trade with ihnasarima for my lot of tiny doll shoes. She made me a beautiful crochet skirt and collar for my SD doll. Communication was excellent and fast and the clothing arrived on time and was packaged securely. A++
    4. ihnasarima did an amazing job helping me with some alterations to a 70cm outfit, so that it would suit my Chrom's smaller build better. It now looks and fits like it was made for him all along. The project itself involved a little bit of reconstruction - a few pieces had to be partially disassembled, trimmed in length, then fit back together and re-sewn - and her finished work looks almost indistinguishable - even a bit better! - than the original finishing.

      ihnasarima was communicative with me all through the planning, measuring, and estimating parts of the project, right up until final delivery of the finished alterations. They were a joy to work with!
    5. ihnasarima purchased from me a pair of sneakers and a cardigan and scarf set for MSD. The transaction was super smooth, very pleasant to deal with. Thanks for everything!