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Feedback for Ihsara

May 13, 2010

    1. Feedback for Ihsara

      Please, if you have done any busincess or transaction with me, please leave me a feedback here :)

      Thank you very much ^^ ​
    2. Glad to be the first person to leave you feedback :) I sold a Soom MD Ai to Ihsara and couldnt have asked for a nicer person. Pm's were prompt and extremely friendly, payment was fast and she let me know when the doll had arrived. Would highly recommend and would gladdly do bussiness again :)
    3. Ihsara brought a LE Soom Ai from me and was delightful to do business with! :) She sent payment almost instantly and keep excellent communication.

      Thanks so Much Dear!
    4. I traded Ihsara an AE Panda for an Island Doll Yo-sized dolll. Communication was a little lacking, but I got my doll and she's lovely so I'm not upset. Thanks for the lovely doll Ihsara! Enjoy your Panda!