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***Feedback for ikke777***

Sep 25, 2009

    1. Sinci I didn't find the feedback thread of ikke777 I've started one myself, hope she doesn't mind:)

      And I'll start with a big POSITIVE!! She bought a head from me and was very kind and fast in paying. Really nice person, I surely recommend her:D
    2. ikke777 bought pairs of jointed hands from me. We have good communication. And she paid in time everytime. She is very nice!

      Thanks so much!
    3. Ikke777 bought a luts 09 winter event head from me. She paid very fast and let me know as soon as it arrived. She is really a nice buyer!
    4. Ikke777 bought a Luts Muroo head from me, excellent payment and communication, a great person to sell to :)
    5. ikke777 brought a pair of Chiwoo hands from me, the transaction went smoothly and ikke777 replied to every PMs and details. She even let me know if she has gotten them. I am overall pleased with the transaction.:)
    6. ikke777 paid right away and was very friendly and nice to converse with! :)
    7. I sold a head to ikke777, she was lovely to deal with, she was prompt with payment and contacted me as soon as the head had arrived and I would recommend her as a buyer and would deal with her again in future.
    8. :thumbup I sold an item to ikke777 and it was a flawless transaction. I would recommend her as a buyer to all!
    9. I sold a set of Delf Hands to ikke777. It was an excellent transaction. She payed promptly and let me know as soon as they arrived. Recommended highly :)
    10. She purchased a plush body from me, and everything was perfect. Thank you! ^^
    11. ikke777 bought some eyes for me and it was a perfect transaction. Prompt payment, friendly communiction and she let me know when they had arrived. Thanks
    12. ikke777 bought a Hong Ryeon head from me, and she was so nice, paid promptly and let me know as soon as the head came--I appreciate that so much! I recommend her as a buyer! thank you!:)
    13. ikke777 bought a Domuya body from me. The payment was made very fast and the communication was great. I have absolutely nothing bad or even neutral to say about her and this transaction, I would definitely deal with her again. *3*

      Thank you. :aheartbea
    14. Ikke777 bought a jdelf rigel head from me. Smooth transaction, very understanding, and an over all wonderful buyer. Would do business with again.
    15. I took part in Ikke's Alice GO. She was absolutely excellent. Shipping prices were extremely reasonable and my parcel was received four days after it was delivered to her, in good packaging. :)
    16. I did a trade with ikke777.
      -Shipping was fine
      -Packing was good
      -Product was nice
      -Communication was quick

      I would recommend ikke777 to others for business.
    17. She bought IH Luna_Tamer Parts from me and I will do buisness with her again. Thank you :-)
    18. I participated in a GO ike777 organised.
      She kept me well informed and sent the package fast and well wrapped.
      Good GO organiser!
    19. ikke777 bought a head from me ^^ Great transaction, highly recommended! Thank you!
    20. ikke777 bought my MSD Minimee Gelfling Hands and Feet.
      Prompt payment, fast and friendly communication! Let me know when the items had arrived! <3
      A great transaction!
      Thank you! :aheartbea