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Feedback for imhitomi

Jul 19, 2007

    1. I sold her a Too of DoD. She is very nice and kind ^^

      Did not have problems with her! She is a great buyer !! ;)

      Thanks !
    2. imhitomi is such a sweet girl~ i sold her a t. lahoo head and payment was received at the time promised~ a very smooth transaction! and not only that, the communication was great and i felt really comfortable selling to her~ a great buyer! :)
    3. imhitomi bought some dollmore jeans from me. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to do business with. Thanks! :chocoberry
    4. I bought an Obitsu head from imhitomi~~ =D Communication and shipping were super fast, it was a pleasure to deal with her. n__n I'd definitely reccomend her~
    5. I traded my DoC U (+ custom faceup) for imhitomi's Tender Lahoo head on an AoD body and I was quite pleased with the transaction. She was very good with communication and sent out her end of the trade exactly when she said she would. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. :)
    6. i bought some eyes from hitomi, and also, she commissioned a red panda charm from J!

      both transactions were smooth and she's a great seller/buyer!
    7. imhitomi joined my Dollmore group order, was very friendly and paid in a timely manner. Very nice to have on my order. ^___^
    8. I bought a pair of jeans from imhitomi. Communication was good, was shipped well and quick.
    9. I sold a unoa to imhitomi and the sale went smoothly
      with good communication and updates :)
    10. She was an awesome Secret Santa!! :dance Sent some great presents, and in plenty of time for Christmas! :D
      Thank you so much!!!! *HUGS*
    11. I Just Bought A Beautiful Brown Msd Kimono From Imhitomi And It Was Shipped Fast And Just As Described..
    12. Imhitomi was a participant in my Luts group order for small items and everything went well! :D Fast payments and communication was kept up well on her end. She was a pleasure to deal with and I recommend her!!

      :clover Thank You!! b^o^d :clover
    13. Imhitomi and I traded dolls, I got her DOC U and it went perfectly - she's super friendly and quick to reply and ship, and the doll is excellent and I love him! Thanks!
    14. I purchased a pair of MSD black denim pants and an MSD hoodie from imhitomi just recently. Her communication was excellent, she shipped very quickly, items were in perfect condition and she even sent a piece of candy with the items! :D

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again! 100% positive transaction!
    15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gorgeous DOLKOT MSD Boy I recieved from imhitomi. imhitomi is an absolute delight and a pleaseure to do business with here on den of angels. She is professional and a woman of her word...Thanks again and know that we will take good care of your boy!!! Regards Kxoxo
    16. I was in a Heliot split with Imhitomi for his wings and the whole process was wonderful!~ She kept us all informed with each and every update and shipped them out super fast, packaged well, arrived just a few minutes ago! :D She is wonderful to work with. Buy and sell to her with confidence~
    17. I was in the Heliot split run by Imhitomi-her communication was excellent, (she kept us informed every step of the way), and she was very on top of things when it came to shipping etc. I'd definately recommend her :)
    18. I participated in a split for heliot...great comunication fast shipping!
    19. I participated in her Heliot split (for the bow and arrow), and was very impressed with the way she ran the split! She was really on top of things, kept us very informed, and shipped out the parts quickly.

      Thanks Imhitomi!
    20. I was in the Heliot split Imhitomi organized. It was run beautifully--and I've run group orders/splits, I know how hard it is to coordinate. We had steady updates and terrific communication every step of the way. I took the body; Imhitomi was thoughtful about shipping options, packed everything really carefully, and shipped it very quickly. I am delighted!

      Thanks, Imhitomi!