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~ Feedback For Imoto ~

Apr 25, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback for Imoto hear ^_^
    2. imoto bought a Soom Dolomi head from me. Communication was great throughout and she let me know once the head arrived. A wonderful buyer, and I would love to do business with her again! Thanks for a smooth transaction! :D
    3. imoto bought a Soom Mylo hybrid from me. The communication was spotless, payment was really quick, and I was told immediately when the doll arrived. Thanks so much!!
    4. imoto bought a lot of Puki Puki clothing from me. Payment was very prompt and communication was extremely friendly. They were understanding of an emergency that came up for me, and accepted a free gift of a MSD dress as my apology. I would gladly do business with them again!
    5. Imoto participated in a swap I hosted.

      She mailed her package within the time frame and sent a lovely gift.

      I would be glad to have her join another of my swaps.

    6. I bought a Souldoll Haoul from imoto. He was shipped quickly, packaged very securely, and was in exactly the shape he was said to be in. Imoto was also very friendly and easy to deal with. I would gladly deal with her again. Thanks!
    7. Imoto bought a dress from me, great to deal with, wouldn't hesitate to deal with again! :D
    8. I purchased an MSD blouse and wrist cuffs from Imoto. The items were shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. I'd definitely do business again. :) Very friendly.
    9. I purchased a puki ante from imoto, in response to my WTB thread. Communication was quick and pleasant, and she was very nice to deal with. There was a small shipping issue in which the doll's face ended up with a mark on it (which was removed) due to an innocent shipping mistake, but imoto was quick to work with me on a solution we could both agree on. Issue aside, it was a good transaction, and I would deal with her again.
    10. Imoto and I have just completed a great trade and she was a pleaure to deal with throughout. Communication was friendly and shipping superquick. I would love to do business again either to buy, sell or trade!

      Thankyou Imoto :)
    11. I sold some MSD outfits to imoto and it was a pleasant transaction. Friendly communication, quick payment, and was always very prompt with her replies.
      I look forward to doing business with her again, ;)
      Thank you so much. :D
    12. I bought an Elfdoll Soah head from Imoto. She delivered the head fast and in plenty of bubble wrap! :) Thank you so much, again!
    13. I sold some items to imoto, she was lovely to sell to, I'd love to do business again!
    14. imoto bought shoes from me and paid right away and was so nice. Great comunication thank you moto!
    15. imoto sold me MNF Ryeon head. everything perfect, fast shipment and lovely communication. I highly recommend her, thank you so much dear! >/////<
    16. imoto was my partner in a swap, and sent a lovely gift that arrived in a timely manner. Thank you.
    17. imoto participated in the 2011 Halloween Swap I hosted.
      Though communication was a little shaky, they got everything out in the allotted time frame.
    18. Moto bought a Soom doll from me. She paid in two payments, both were on time. She is a fantastic communicator and lovely person. I would most definitely do business with her again. Thank you moto! :D
    19. Imoto bought a dress from me and payed right away would be happy to sell to her again Thank you
    20. I bought a Soom Adamelli head from Imoto. Communication was excellent, she is a very nice person. Despite that she had some personal problems, she was able to ship the package in time, shipping was very fast and she also packed the head really well.
      Thank you! :)