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Feedback for ImpishParody~

Oct 5, 2010

    1. I didn't see a feedback thread for this member, so decided to start one for them. If you have dealt with ImpishParody, please leave your feedback for them here.



      ImpishParody took part in my fifteenth Leekeworld group order and we had a smooth and easy transaction from beginning to end. Communication from their end held no flaws and invoices were taken care of in a timely fashion. A great participant and I would be more than happy to do business with them again.

      ♥][ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!!
      Hopefully your experience was a pleasant one! ][♥ ​
    2. Impishparody commissioned a lot of winter clothes from me. Scarfs, hats, gloves and sweaters.
      She was a delight to work with, she was very enthusiastic and nice. She also paid quickly and held good communication.

      100% recommended as a buyer!
    3. I just completed a commission for ImpishParody and it couldn't have gone more beautifully. ImpishParody was a joy to deal with all around and I hope to work with her again!
    4. ImpishParody participated in my Crobidoll Group Order. Friendly communication and quick payments. Thanks again!
    5. ImpishParody bought my special edition DreamHigh Studio Fira. She was very patient with my health issues as I tried to get to the post office, and she was very careful and communicative in making sure her payments went through.
      Definitely a recommended person! :D
    6. ImpishParody commissioned an outfit from my Beyond Wonderland studio. She's really kind and wonderful to deal with, I also received her payment fast. I highly recommend her to everyone and hope that we will trade again in the future :3 Thank you so much :) !
    7. ImpishParody commissioned a second outfit in my Beyond Wonderland studio. I really love her orders since she always commissions something truly beautiful and it's also a pleasure for us to proceed with such work. She is amazing to deal with, attentive and kind. Thank you very much dear!
    8. I sold my Resinsoul, Wu to ImpishParody. She was very understanding of my circumstances, and in general couldn't have hoped for a better person to sell to. Thanks a lot!.