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Feedback for Inamourada Flux

Jul 26, 2007

    1. I tried to find a thread for this member but no luck. This really needs to be easier to search for. Anyway this person, Valerie bought my Ryung Elf Doll. She paid fast and let me know when she arrived home. Thrilled to have met someone so reliable. Thanks, Marie K
    2. Thanks Marie, but my name is Faye! ^_^
    3. I bought a Lati Ronnie from Faye in Jan 2007. He was carefully packed and arrived safely. Communications were good. He was shipped a little later than expected, but the explanation was entirely satisfactory.
    4. Inamurada Flux commissioned me an tudor outfit! She was great to deal with and very patient! Wonderful user! Very very lovely!^_____^ Thank you very much darling!
    5. inamourada flux commissioned me to paint her elfdoll ryung; everything went smoothly. payment was super fast, communication was excellent. really hope you enjoy her new face~
    6. Hi! I purchased a beautiful Rooono Yumi from Faye. It was a perfect transaction - nice emails, fast shipping and a lovely, perfect Yumi!
      You may purchase from Faye with confidence!!!!

      Thanks, Faye!
    7. i bought lati tan lami from her!! she arrived safety and communication was great! thank you
    8. Inamourada Flux bought some shirts from me and she was a delight to deal with. Prompt payment, great comms and she let me know when they had arrived safely. A star!
    9. Faye bought a restringing kit from me and the transaction was perfect! :) She's polite, articulate and prompt with payment and communications.
      Thanks! :aheartbea
    10. Inamourada Flux commissioned a faceup from me, was great with communication and lovely to deal with throughout the transaction. Thanks :)
    11. Faye commissioned a MSD scalemail breastplate from me. She was very friendly with communications, paid quickly, and let me know when the package arrived. Overall, a perfect transaction. I highly recommend her!

      Thanks so much Faye!
    12. Inamourada Flux commissioned a faceup from me and was wonderful to deal with - very friendly, and fast payment + communication :)
      Thank you very much Faye~! :fangirl:
    13. I bought an ElfDoll LB body from Inamourada Flux.
      This transaction was over the moon!
      I was very please and they have been more than patient with me.

      Thank you very much!

    14. I purchased a Ryung head and wig from Inamourada Flux and the transaction was great with wonderful communication.
    15. Inamourada Flux commissioned another faceup from me, and this transaction was just as pleasant as the first! Great customer - very quick payment and super friendly to deal with!
      Thanks again Faye~!
    16. Inamourada Flux bought a Unoa hybrid from me and everything went extremely smoothly. She paid promptly and let me know when the doll arrived and was polite and friendly. I would recommend her as a buyer and I would do business with her again any time. Thank you Faye for a great transaction.
    17. I bought an Unoa hybrid for Faye and she is just so lovely and friendly (Faye that is, although the Unoa is pretty adorable too hehe). Fantastic!
    18. Such an amazingly easy and smooth transaction!! Great communication and super fast payment!! I would absolutely do business with Inamourada Flux anytime!! Thank you very much !! can't ask for more !

      Many thanks
      Myrtle in CA
    19. I purchased a Machina from Inamourada Flux, it was a great transaction, she was shipped promptly when i made my last payment and the packaging was good. Faye is a lovely person to trade with and i would recommend her highly :pcupcake
      Thanks for letting me adopt this unique cutie :smallcake
    20. i just bought a vampire woosoo elf from faye and everything went smoothly. great at communications, i would buy or sell to her anytime!! :)