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Feedback for iNCiDENTAL

Oct 10, 2010

    1. Feedback for myself.
      Please keep in mind that I am male when using pronouns.
    2. iNCiDENTAL commissioned me for a custom eye, payment was fast, communication was great, and they even sent me a photo of their doll with the eye in :) Thank you very much!
    3. iNCiDENTAL bought a Dion head from me. Very friendly and kind, fast pms and great communication~! :)
      The whole transaction was very smooth, the payment was fast as well~! ^^
      I will definitely do business with iNCiDENTAL again in the future! Thanks very much~! :)
    4. iNCiDENTAL recently purchased a Luts Commander of Blue Knights fullset body from me on a short layaway. His payments were on time and communication was great and super friendly. Also told me when the body arrived so A++ all around. I highly recommend him as a buyer! :) Thanks again!
    5. iNCiDENTAL commissioned me to work on his lovely boy, Jupiter( RingDoll Kid Valo) and he was AMAMZING x100000000000 to work with! He was a little unsure at first as it was his first time sending someone out for commission but he did so well! He let me know EXACTLY what he wanted in a efficient piece by piece form, even! I couldn't have been happier with this customer and great person. He is sweet, efficient and a trustworthy customer<3
      I would gladly do business again with him and his crew, anytime!

      Thank you again for an amazingly smooth transaction and friendly conversation.
    6. iNCiDENTAL was so lovely to work with....iNCiDENTAL commissioned a pair of wings for a 70cm boy from me...communication was great and it was a real pleasure....superfast payment and a joy from beginning to end...thanks iNCiDENTAL!!!
    7. Vincent bought my Crobidoll Chesire Kitten Lance on a layaway. ^^ It was supposed to be a long layaway but was paid ahead of time. ^^ Communication was smooth, and I was noted as soon as the package arrived. ^^ Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction!
    8. Another great transaction with iNCiDENTAL! He bought some eyes from me. Great communication, super fast payment, friendly mails, could not ask for better! Thank you! :)