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Feedback for IngieBee

Mar 11, 2008

    1. Just starting up a thread for myself since I've just entered agreements with other members here on the board. Thanks for leaving feedback!
    2. Ingie bought my Bonbon off me, she paid very quickly and her communication was brilliant and she let me know as soon as Bonbon arrived safely. Super transaction, thanks Ingie :)
    3. I just completed a flawless commission for IngieBee. She was a joy to deal with all around. Super-fast payment, prompt, friendly communications. I hope to sew for her again!
    4. Ingie bought a cute little elf from me. She's delightful to deal with, paid instantly, and it was a great exchange. With such friendly pm's, you'll enjoy buying from her, or selling to her. Thanks Ingie! :)
    5. Ingie bought tiny crocheted garments for her dolls from me. Excellent transaction and quick payment! Thanks so much!! ;) ;) ;)
    6. I sold IngieBee a doll head and she is really nice, payed quickly, and let me know when it arrived.
    7. IngieBee was a part of my Fairyland GO ^o^ She really was one of the nicest people on board, she paid on time for everything, was truly a sweetie, and let me know when the arrived (with pictures XD!) If she ever joins another GO I run I'll be more then happy n_n
    8. IngieBee participated in a Dollmore group order I ran and would love to have her participate in any I run in the future. Communication was friendly and payments were speedy. Thank you! ^_^
    9. Ingiebee ordered an outfit from me, she is the perfect customer! I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Thanks for you order :)
    10. Ingiebee ordered an outfit from me, she is the perfect customer! I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Thanks for your order :)
    11. Thanks so much for doing the Elfdoll GO, Ingie... you are TERRIFIC!! Excellent transaction, emails, and super quick shipping !!

      Teryl ;)
    12. Miss Ingie handled our Elfdoll GO very professionally, you won't be disappointed, she comes highly recommended. Thanks bunches :thumbup
    13. Ingie is really a very nice person to deal with.
      She is full of sweetness,patience and consideration.
      I`m very happy to make business with her.
      Thanks very much again dear^^
    14. Great transaction with IngieBee who purchased some shirts from me. Payment was very fast and communication was good. A perfect buyer. Thanks!
    15. IngieBee was an awesome participant in one of my Dollmore GOs. She paid both invoices very quickly! :)
      Thanks IngieBee! :)
    16. Ingiebee purchased a wig from me. Our communication went really smoothly. She's very nice and understanding also even let me know when the package arrived! Two thumbs up!
    17. Ingie participate in my IH GO and was great to work with! Payment on time and always a pleasure to talk to via PMs! :) Thank you!
    18. IngieBee is a very nice person to buy off. I bought a Winking Ante faceplate of her. The price was reasonable, and she was patient when i was still deciding whether or not to buy her.
      The faceplate arrived in perfect condition, with no stains, scars or chips.

      Thankyou very much!!! <3
    19. Ingie bought a MNF Marcia head from me. Pay fast, friendly communication, everything was perfect! Thanks again!
    20. Ingie bought a Soulkid girl body from me for a floating head. She was very prompt with communication and payment, and it was a wonderful transaction. Definitely recommend to the marketplace! :)