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Feedback for Initials B.B.

Jan 29, 2009

    1. If I've bought from or sold to you, please post here. Thank you!
    2. Initials B.B. bought from me MD Soom Io's head.
      It was perfect transaction - she paid quickly and kept in good communication.
      I would love to do business with her again, thank you ^_^
    3. I sold Sard's outfit to her and it was a wonderful transaction. I highly recommend. She made it fast and easy for me! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
    4. BB bought a SOOM IO head from me and paid promptly, communicated well and pretty much was the absolute ideal buyer. Thanks again and enjoy!
    5. Initials B.B. and I agreed to trade her Indian pink fer for my black lace dress and I couldn't ask for a better transaction. She was very understanding when I delayed shipping because of my illness and kept up great communication. Thanks!
    6. She is a great seller, I can say that she granted one of my greatest doll wishes :) Thank you so much!
    7. I bought some shoes from Initials B.B. and the transaction was friendly. I recommended her as a great seller.
    8. I bought a Dollheart outfit.

      Communication was great, shipping was fast.

      Item is in excellent condition

      Thank you
    9. Negative Feedback

      I confirmed with a mod that this is covered under "flaky seller" in the feedback rules.

      A while ago, I had placed a bid on a Euclase outfit + wig that Initials B.B. was selling, and she PMed back on the 18th saying she'd be taking bids for a week until she could get home and mail out the stuff. For a week and a half, I've been listed as highest bidder. There had been no updates via PM nor any updates in the sales thread or anything on the sales thread stating there was further info elsewhere. So on the 29th, I posted to her thread asking if she planned on selling after all and she informed me she had decided to change the end date to "last Friday" (the 27th).

      However, in the very same reply, she also stated that she received and accepted a higher bid that very day, two days after the day she set as the deadline. When I replied calling her out, she became very angry and snippy with me, telling me I was "spamming" and not to post anymore.

      Lastly, even though I was the official high bidder AND she has an unofficial high bidder, the outfit and wig are now on Ebay as part of a fullset auction.

      Initials B.B. is a very flaky seller who won't honor bids if she thinks she can get more money.
    10. Well, I tried to explain Wiccat my side of the story, there's a link to our conversation: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=280872
      Yes, perhaps it's was my fault that I didn't PM her when I decided to change the deadline date but I really had no idea she didn't read my frequently updated Euclase sale thread. Yes, she found outfit in my other Clothing and Shoes thread, but there was a big link asking to check the main Euclase sale thread for detail information. I updadet every information there, and additionally outbid news were send to users by PMs. As for her being outbid, it wasn't like that, I had other higher offer but it was only a major feeler, not confirmed one, so actually Wiccat would still be the highest bidder and I would sell her this outfit, but it was she who informed me first that she found another seller. I had no idea she was becoming impatient, I was sure everyone interested reads my updated thread and knows about changing the deadline date. I still can't understand why she didn't pm me earlier and ask me what's going on, instead she started to write essays on my clothing trade. As for changing the sale date, believe me, I would gladly sell Euclase as soon as possible since I'm going to hospital and I desperately need money, but people were changing their minds, withdrawing from offers and I didn't manage to make that split. That's why I changed the date a little and when Wiccat and the other potential buyer told me they finally didn't want the outfit, I decided to sell Euclase on ebay as a fullset. And selling the fullset was the option from the beginning. I'm really sorry about all this misunderstanding, I really thought I did my best to give everyone clear informations. I really had no idea someone doesn't read my thread. And I wasn't angry at her? I only asked to communicated me by PMs not posting on my thread.
    11. One more thing: if the lack of communication was my mistake, it was exactly the same mistake Wiccat made. All other Wiccat's accusations are lies or intentional misinterparetation of my words. For example I never told her I accepted a higher bid. I told her (AFTER she told me she was buying the outfit from someone else) that I received a higher not confirmed offer so it's ok with me she doesn't want it). I think that's all from me. I did my best and I'm sorry I can't spend more time trying to explain this.
    12. I purchased a dollmore outfit with shoes from Initials B.B. and it was a very pleasant transaction. She is a very nice person to deal with and I received my package very quickly! :)
    13. I traded with Initials B.B. for some dolly accessories and they were very professional, and very fast to ship ^^ I am very happy with her, thanks again so much!
    14. I sold a set of outfit to Initials B.B., the transaction went smooth and we communicated well. Thanks again :)
    15. I bough a Soom Euclase fullset from Initials B.B. It has been good transaction it arrive very quick. Although the foot a little bit chip during the transit but she has been very kind. She helps me to contact Soom and got a replacement part and also keep me update all time. Thank you!
    16. Initials B.B. and I did a trade, she traded glass eyes from my Anais dress. It was such a wonderful transaction! The shipment was super fast and there was always contact, thank you sooo much!!
    17. Positive feedback for Initials B.B.!
      I bought a SuperGem Io body from her. It looked exactly like her pictures and came safely packaged. Fast and friendly communication. Great transaction! :D
    18. A lovely seller ^^ so sweet and gentle, I bought a NotDoll Body from her! Nice communication and she is a really, really kind person! :aheartbea
    19. I bought a White Earl set from her ^^ Good communication, the items arrived in good condition and quite promptly too! ^^ Definitely a positive experience and I'm glad my first transaction on DOA was with someone so nice ^_^ Thanks again!
    20. I purchased a lovely SD boy outfit from Initials B.B. It arrived in excellent condition. :)