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Feedback for inmyhead

Mar 2, 2010

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here :)
    2. Inmyhead bought a Nanuri head 2007 from me payed quick, told me when received ^^ Really nice buyer :D
    3. Inmyhead bought a Supia Rosy head from me. She payed very promptly and was a pleasure to work with. Communication was prompt and she let me know when the package arrived. I would definitely sell to her again! Enjoy your Rosy! ^^
    4. I bought a head from inmyhead , she sent the head quickly and well packed . Thank you very much! I would definitely buy from her again~~
    5. inmyhead bought a Dollmore Isaac from me and the transaction was perfect! Great communication and payment was prompt. I would love to do business with her again! Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction~
    6. Inmyhead bought clothes from me. Fast payment, easy communication, really great buyer! :thumbup

      Thank you so much! :chocoheart
    7. Great buyer! She buy a Bluefairy from me and it was a perfect transaction , she pay promptly and communication was excellent!
      I highly recommended her!
      Thanks so much!
    8. Excellent A+++

      Buy and Sell to with confidence and delight.
      Immediate PM response.
      Polite and cordial.

      I highly recommend inmyhead for marketplace transactions. Thank you so much sweetie, I can't say enough nice things about you! ~Gus
    9. Wonderful transaction! I sold my MNF Dark Elf Soo head to Inmyhead.

      She paid immediately, was very polite and kept in contact. She let me know when the head arrived :) I would definitely do business again!

      Thanks so much!
    10. I bought a BF Tommy head from inmyhead after she replied to my WTB thread. There were a couple of things about this transaction that didn't go too well, but inmyhead did her best to fix things, and therefore I am giving her a positive feedback anyway!

      + Fast communication, instant replies to PM's;
      + Fast shipping;
      + Great packaging!

      ± There was a miscommunication about the shipping price for the head. I asked for shipping with tracking & insurance, Inmyhead quoted me $25, but told me that if it was more, she would pay the difference. At the post office, inmyhead saw that shipping was in fact $40, so she would have to pay $15 out of her own pocket, which is of course a bit too much for a seller to jump in. Instead, she send it with airmail for $10. This was not what I had asked for, but, I got my refund a couple of days later (with is a +). Still, I wish she would have contacted me about it, because I was happy to pay the full $40 shipping. But this was just a miscommunication. I should have told her upfront that if it was more, I'd be happy to pay the full price, and that if it turned out to be more I would send a second payment. I completely understand the way inmyhead acted, and I will take care to make better agreements with sellers on this.

      ± The head turned out to have a deep scratch on the back (3mm deep), but inmyhead hadn't seen this before packaging it. He was so well packed that I don't think it got damaged during shipping and that she just honestly overlooked it. She was so kind to offer me a $20 refund for this, though! :D

      All in all there were some minor problems with this transaction, but it was all due to miscommunication. Inmyhead is a good person and a good seller, and she dealt with a of this very well. I have no complaints and I would buy from her again!
    11. inmyhead bought me an ooak outfit. She has been very nice, replied very quickly to my message, sent the payment very fast, and told me when she recieved the dress. It was a very nice transaction, thank you !!
    12. Super! A ++ :thumbup

      Inmyhead was a participant in my GO. Excellent communication and prompt payment. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

      Thank you :)
    13. I sold her a Leeke Ashley. She was great to deal with and very friendly! She paid when she said she would and I appreciate her honesty!

      Thanks! :)
    14. I sold my doll to Inmyhead
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    15. I bought an MNF from inmyhead after she answered my WTB post.
      She sent the doll really quickly and well packaged, partly strung so as not to be too scarey for a newbie BJD owner to put together, and with all the things promised.
      She always answers emails and is very friendly and helpful.
      Thanks for my first BJD!
    16. Apologies for the delay with this. I bought a Leeke Ashley from inmyhead. We had a bit of a hiccup with the Canada Post website but everything was satisfactorily resolved and I'm thrilled to bits with Ashley.
    17. inmyhead wanted to buy a DIM happy doll from me. She first promised to deposit $100 and finish the layaway on 14th. Then on the pay day (7th), she asked to pay $50 deposit instead of $100. I agreed. I've already indicated everything in my sale thread that I need buyer to cover the paypal fee and the deposit is non-refundable. I assume buyer should read them and agree when he/she PMs me. However, inmyhead refused to pay the paypal fee and asked me to refund her deposit on 10th. I gave her full refund but would like to avoid doing business with her again.
    18. she bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you.
      by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.
    19. Inmyhead bought my DIM Meriel head. She is a real sweetheart to deal with,
      very nice person! Paid quickly and let me know when the dollyhead was there.
      Thank you so much! <3
    20. I bought a Dollfie Dream Melty from inmyhead on layaway, and had some trouble. We had agreed on a long layaway, however, I managed to pay the entire doll off early. Inmyhead said she would ship the doll the following Monday. I did not hear back from her, and waited nine days before joining several others in a paging thread for her here:
      I then started a Paypal dispute for the total amount of my payments, and five days after, I heard from her via Paypal's Resolution Center. She said she had been in an accident and was unable to mail the doll. The next day, I received a tracking number, and after a few days, I received my Melty, in good condition.

      I would not do business with inmyhead again.