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Feedback for Inochi-Chwan

Jul 2, 2009

    1. This so called buyer, likes to take there time It took forever for them to confirm if they were going to be able to pay for this item or not, when I told them that i needed an answer. They didnt want to pay by the method that would be easier for me so I made an acception. Then this buyer goes and decides to give me bad feedback because They dont think there wrong in anything they did and all i did was try to help this buyer as they really wanted me to sell this outfit to them. I do not recommend transactions with this buyer and I dont intend to try to sell to them again.
    2. I paid her before the deadline; she didn't complain about anything. Yes, it took me like 2 days to pay since I had to ask my dad for permission to use his PayPal and then I could pay him in person. Sometimes he makes me wait a bit before he actually pays. Before I told her to send me the invoice she was bullying me for the money, though she says she was pushing me because "otherwise I wouldn't have done it." I don't think so. I told her I would buy the outfit, then I told her to send the invoice. She tells me I seemed uncertain. This isn't uncertain. I paid and she had no issues. I even told her I was sorry for any inconvenience since my dad actually didn't prefer checks and she told me herself it'd be okay to pay through PayPal.

      She shipped it to me. Shipping was good and easy. Today I told her to link me to her feedback, and I gave her positive feedback. She super nice until...

      I told her to leave me feedback and she said she would have to leave bad feedback even though I did everything right and I told her that I didn't see the problem during the transaction. She said the transaction "wasn't perfect." Then, she started to become really mean.

      So, I decided to go to her feedback thread because this is unfair and tell buyers in a nice way (I said the rest of the transaction was great, just not her attitude) about her. She only posted the above message to get back at me. Since then she tried to harrass me on Yahoo. I had to put her on my ignore list.

      I paid before the deadline yet she acts like I was a problem to deal with. I personally don't think so, and her attitude was so rude after I left positive feedback and asked why I did not deserve the same.

      Please decide for yourself if I ever decide to buy or sell on DoA again and you are reading this. I can't ask you to believe me, but I'd like to say that is an unfair feedback and she is just trying to get back at me for leaving HONEST feedback. She told me to leave honest feedback and I did. What she did up there is not honest. She caused me lots of stress and if you are thinking about buying from her, please don't. It's not worth all this stress I've had to go through to get one outfit from her.