Feedback for Insane-Chan

Mar 30, 2008

    1. If you've ever had a transaction with me, please post your experience here!

      Note: I'm having trouble locating my previous thread. Until I do, this will act as the new primary one. Thanks for understanding!

    2. Sold a Modded sleeping Shiwoo to Insane-chan! Extremely fast shipping! Very pleasant to deal with. Will do business with again!
    3. Extremely past payment! Sorry typo. ^^;
    4. ( I was wondering why I couldn't find your feedback thread. ^^; )​

      Ahem! Insane-Chan participated in my Dollmore group order and was a doll to deal with. She's veeery friendly, great with communication, with payments and just an all around pleasure to work with. I would not mind doing business with her again at all. :D

      Definitely recommended~ :)

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    5. Insane-Chan participated in a group order I ran. she paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended. Welcome back anytime. Thank you.
    6. Insane-Chan bought a wig for me, very fast payment, very patient with me, and just wonderful to talk to. Highly recommended buyer, I would easily sale to her again! <3
    7. [SIZE="-10"]Insane-Chan was, once again, a participant in my Dollmore group order and everything was absolutely splendid. :D Payments were made quickly, communication was kept up very well on her end and it was an all around pleasure to deal with with her again. Here's to hoping that we meet in another group order. ;)

      :clover Thank you so much for once again being such a wonderful participant!! :clover
    8. insane-chan participated in my leekeworld order. quick payments and friendly to deal with. welcome to any of my future group orders
    9. Insane-Chan participated in one of my 4D group orders, and it was a great experience--patient, great communication, quick pay. You're welcome back anytime, and sorry for the tardiness of this feedback!
    10. Insane-chan bought a hoddie from me, she is so nice to deal with, so fast at payment, I highly recommend her!!!! I will definitely do any business with her again!!!
    11. My first Iplehouse group order makes for my third time doing business with Insane-Chan and she's always been wonderful to deal with. :D Invoices are always taken care of quickly and communication is kept up very well on her end. I really appreciate it and can't recommend her enough!!

      :clover Thank you so much for your participation in this order!! :clover
    12. Insane-Chan joined a dollmore order I ran. Paid quickly and was an awesome member to the order. Would love to deal with again ^^
    13. Here I am, back for round four. :D Insane-Chan was a participant in my late July Nine9 Style group order this time around and this was yet another wonderfully smooth and pleasant transaction.

      :bcake Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :bcake
    14. I bought a wig from Insane-Chan. It got here lickety-split. Super fast shipping. Thanks so much. Cheryl
    15. Ashly ordered clothes from me and she was really awesome to deal with!! :) The whole transaction was super smooth! She was always very prompt with PMs, payment was instant and she's a total sweetheart!! Thank you very much!! You're always welcome at my shop!! ^^
    16. Insane-Chan buoght a winter head from me and was wonderful and sweet to interact with :)
    17. Bought SD13 pants from Insane-chan. Awesome communication and she let me know there would be a slight delay in shipping right away! Everything go there safe and sound. I would buy from her again!
    18. insane-chan purchased a volks hatsune miku from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^