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Feedback for intermission

Apr 21, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback here if you have completed transactions with me~ thank you:aheartbea
    2. Intermission is a very trustworthy buyer that responds quickly to PMs and paid immediately! Highly recommended buyer with whom you will have a very smooth transaction with! Thank you so much Intermission! :D
    3. Just bought a fun-fur wig from me. ~~Very communicative and a FAST payer~~ :D :D :D

      I highly recommend intermission! :)
    4. Lovely person to sell to! A very pleasant transaction!
    5. Intermission is an excellent buyer, and very pleasant to talk to, as well. I answered her WTB MNF Shiwoo Hands request, and she made me feel like I was selling her a bar of solid gold :)

      Payment was immediate, and she's been delightful.
    6. Intermission responds to PMs fast and very delightful to talk to ^^ Payment was made immediately~ Highly recommended buyer!!!
    7. Intermission is a great buyer. Her payment was fast and she respons quickly to PMs.
    8. Intermission did a wonderufl job on my Mythdoll Little Leroi. She is wonderufl and she was even nice enought to send her early so she could make it just in time for my birthday party and to meet her new roomate Kobold
      she looks wonderful and i so happy that i sent her to intermission. You can trust her and she does wonderufl work and shes fasy and reliable
    9. Intermission made a payment with concealed cash, and she didn't flake out with shipping it. I was even plesantly surprised to unfold a piece of paper with a lovely drawing of my Gabe. So sweet! She's amazing to deal with~!
    10. Intermission is a great buyer - very quick payment, always keeps in touch by PMs and is a really nice person to deal with.
    11. Intermission purchased a wig from me, her communcations and payment were both prompt. Great transaction, would suggest to anyone. ^^
    12. Intermission bought a jacket from me. Very fast with replies and payment and communication was great. Totally recommended! :)
    13. I purchased a head from her. It was in exactly the condition as stated and as shown in the photos. It was packaged well and shipped promptly. (Shipping cost less than estimated and she refunded the difference immediately.) She was very quick to respond to PMs as well.
    14. Intermission bought an SDCute wig from me and paid lightning fast and was great with communications. Highly recommended!
    15. Intermission bought a Volks wig from me, fast contact, and very fast payment. Very easy and smooth transaction. Highly recommended!
    16. Oh cool, I get to post in here again!!

      I just bought a pair of "snakeskin" pants for my Dragon Dude, Zentatsu, from Intermission. She's as great a seller as she was a buyer. Zip, bang, he's in the snakeskin!

      It's hard to beat that! :D
    17. I bought a mohair wig from Intermission. It arrived promptly and exactly as described. Thanks a lot!
    18. intermission just bought a pair of Mystic eyes from me--it was a great transaction, very quick and friendly, and she took the time to let me know that the package arrived safely. It would be a pleasure to do business with her again! :daisy
    19. intermission purchased an outfit set from me. She responded to PMs quickly, paid just as quickly, and let me know when the item arrived to her. She's a good, trustyworthy person to deal with.