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Feedback for inuchick

Jun 5, 2007

    1. Will anyone who has had transactions with me (especially those through my Strawberry Stars clothing shop) please leave feedback and let me know how I'm doing?

      This feels kind of like one of those "How am I driving?" bumperstickers... lol!
    2. inuchick bought a pair of yellow sneakers from me for her boy. She was so excited about these shoes! It was lots of fun reading her PMs. Payment was fast and communication a pleasure.
      Thanks for a fast and smooth transaction.
    3. inuchick is a great customer. she has purchased several items from my shop. she pays quickly and has great communication. highly recommended. please come back anytime
    4. I recently purchased two outfits from inuchick and they are both beautiful. The sewing is excellent as is the attention to detail. She obviously took her time in crafting the patterns and then completing the pieces because it shows in the final product. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is looking to pick up a well-made piece for their dorries. Communication throughout our transaction was excellent and shipping was very quick. Thank you so much!! ^__^
    5. Inuchick bought 4 pair eyes from me, she paid fast and has excellent communication. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    6. Inuchick bought some hands from me. The payment was so fast, immediate even! And the PMs were really friendly and quick. An extremely pleasant transaction. I would not hesitate to do business with inuchick again!
    7. I bought an outfit from inuchick. Her communication was good, and the outfit is very cute! Thank you ^^
    8. inuchick joined in on the DoA Secret Santa '07 Gift Exchange. Shipped gift to recipient before deadline. :aheartbea No problems!
    9. I bought a mod 05 breakaway SS head from inuchick. It's a smooth transaction. She's very kind, and cares about the doll a lot. The communication is good. No problem at all.
      Thank you inuchick!
    10. I bought a pair of repaired Luts Divide pants from inuchick. The original snap on the pants had fallen out, she repaired it and provided pictures and everything. Her stitchery is great (I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't informed me), she's very friendly and has fantastic communication. I'd be delighted to have another transaction with her.
    11. I bought a Bobobie Blue Sunny from Jessica just recently. Her communication was excellent and she was very friendly. Little Sunny shipped incredibly fast and was everything I wanted a more.

      I would not hesitate to buy from Jessica again! :) 110% positive experience!
    12. I traded with inuchick for her El + cash, and it was a very smooth transaction! She kindly tolerated my Paypal limitations (since I can't take CC), shipped him out quickly, packed him well, and was just overall a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with inuchick again :D
    13. ++++positive++++
      inuchick bought the pair of RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment~Highly recommend!^O^/

      I hope I will trade with you again~Thanks~m(_ _)m
    14. I bought a DT 15Boy body from inuchick, and I'm beyond happy with my purchase. She was a pleasure to deal with throughout, was quick to answer PMs and shipped quickly. The body was packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with inuchick again. Thanks so much! :D
    15. I recently purchased a wig from inuchick. Communication was great, and she shipped quickly. Thanks again for a great transaction.

    16. I bought a minimee head from inuchick and everything was great! Thanks again~
    17. I paid for a faceup from inuchick and let me tell you, the quality is wonderful. My head was shipped back very safely, packed securely.

      During the process, it was discovered my head had some staining, and she corresponded very quickly to me about this. Her quick replies were very reassuring and she did a marvelous job. A++!

      I would definitely do business with inuchick again.
    18. I commissioned inuchick to do a faceup at the last minute and she was VERY kind and agreed to do it. She was a lot of fun to communicate with through the whole thing, sent several progress pictures, did a BEAUTIFUL job on the faceup, and was just generally a joy to deal with. I would happily do business with her again. <3
    19. I commissioned a faceup from Inuchick and I cannot recommend her enough! She was wonderful to deal with; she was kind in her PMs, she communicated with me the whole way through the process and sent me in progress pictures. The faceup itself is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted and more. :D I would definitely commission her again!
    20. I commissioned a faceup from, inuchick.
      Everything went smoothly, the faceup is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier with the overall transaction!
      Would love to do business with them again.
      Thank you so much!!