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Feedback for InuRyoko

Mar 27, 2012

    1. :D Feedback thread for all of my Buying, Trading, and Selling.

    2. I sold a Resinsoul Mei to Inuryoko and it was a wonderful transaction! She paid promptly after contacting me about the girl for sale. She was very friendly and even bought a pair of eyes from me as well! She also let me know as soon as she arrived! :)
      I hope you enjoy your first full doll! I would do another transaction with InuRyoko in a heartbeat, she was a pleasure!

      Thank you so much for buying from me again :)
    3. :D Thank you soo much Geishacookie! I think she is going to become Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!! I am so grateful for your help!
    4. InuRyoko bought a wig from me. The payment was prompt and she was wonderful to deal with. She was completely understanding when I had to delay the shipping and all around it was a perfect transaction!
    5. I sold a doll head to InuRyoko. Everything went great! Thanks so much!
    6. I bought a leather messenger bag from InuRyoko. She was always very punctual and polite, and the bag well-made-- I'd love to do business with her again!
    7. InuRyoko bought a Kid Delf Rom. Body from me, when she decided to buy it payment came immediately and it has been a wonderful experience dealing with her! :) I would without a doubt do business with her again!
    8. I bought a Limhwa body from InuRyoko, and she was really nice to work with. Communication and shipping was fast, and she was very friendly and helpful. The doll was well packed and is gorgeous, and she's just so perfect, I would definitely recommend InuRyoko as a seller!
    9. I bought an SD head from InuRyoko, and it was a great transaction! She was super fast and friendly in communication, let me know as soon as she shipped, and followed up with PMs when she noticed she forgot to pack a small part. She also included a free wig!

      Would definitely do business with again!

      Thank you, InuRyoko!
    10. I bought a modded RS Mei body from InuRyoko. Everything went smoothly and I'd be happy to deal with her again!
    11. InuRyoko bought a Dollzone body from me. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. :) Overall a smooth transaction!
    12. A+++++ transaction!

      InuRyoko purchased my DC Christina when I responded to her WTB thread. This was one of the most smooth and more pleasant sales in my practice. She asked interesting questions about the doll and paid immediately, was polite and very efficient. I will be happy to do business with her any time! Thank you very much, InuRyoko!