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Feedback for Ipledreamer

Jan 16, 2012

    1. I would be pleased if you left your impression regarding marketplace or other similar actions here.

      Thank you very much!
    2. Ipledreamer commissioned me to sew James Bond's suit for her boy. She is super sweet, considerate and patient person to deal with. Also, payment was really quick. Thank you!
    3. I sold my Iplehouse SID Carina to Ipledreamer and she was wonderful to deal with. She was very helpful and communicative and paid up superfast. A fantastic buyer and I would be very happy to do business again!
    4. Ipledreamer purchased some clothing from me and it was a great transaction. Communication was great, payment was swift, and Ipledreamer let me know as soon as the clothing made it there. I would definitely do business with Ipledreamer again!
    5. I traded dolls with Ipledreamer.

      +I got detailed messages with every last detail about the body (and it's modifications) I changed my doll to. I got pictures, links and written explanations about everything. Messaging was fast and polite
      +Ipledreamer paid fast for the shipping fees
      +Gave me tracking ID and sent the body fast
      +Told me when the doll had arrived

      It was nice doing business with Ilpedreamer~
    6. Ipledreamer bought a Pair of Dollzone Jointed Hands from me.

      She was very kind, paid really really fast and told me when the hands arrived.
      The communication was also really fast, she's very kind and polite.
      I can absolutly recommend her and would love to sell or buy again.

      Thank you very much! :chocoberry
    7. Ipledreamer bought my Epidos Unicenta body from me and was a wonderful buyer! She's communicative and very pleasant and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. She was very patient and understanding when I realised I had left some of the parts at my partner's house and had to delay shipping a few days to retrieve them. I would be delighted to have another transaction with Ipledreamer again in the future :)
    8. Ipledreamer bought SID Lee from me and she's a very understanding and sweet lady. Overall a very pleasant transaction, quick payment and very considerate considering this is my first time sending such a huge parcel. A+++ buyer! ;)
    9. Ipledreamer bought a doll body from me, the transaction went smoothly and communication was excellent, I would deal with her again.

    10. Ipledreamer bought pair of sphaler dragon legs from me. She sent the money promptly and was pleasant and polite to communicate with. I would certainly deal with her again.
    11. Ipledreamer traded her work for my Souldoll Robb's resin sword. She made me a lined vest, jerkin, a pair of sandals and some painted leg-guards all out of leather for two of my Iplehouse dolls. Communication was great, and while the sizing isn't perfect, the quality of the work is nice. Thank you again!
    12. Ipledreamer bought a pair of Doll Legend jointed normal pink hands with long nails for 70sm male from me. The transaction was quick and i highly reccommend the person to deal with.
    13. Ipledreamer bought Soom Monzo Fantasy parts from me, and the deal went great, a highly reccomend buyer. :3nodding:
    14. They did a partial trade and layaway for an art line fairyland Rus and they were amazing!! I absolutely enjoyed this transaction, they kept communication and were timely. They took great care in the clothing and shoes that they made as well.

      I could not recommend someone more highly!
    15. Ipledreamer purchased a Dreamingdoll body from me. It was a perfect transaction: swift communication and payment, and she let me know straight away when the package arrived. And we had a nice chat to boot :) Thank you, I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do business again!
    16. Ipledreamer purchased a SD-sized backpack from me. The transaction went very smooth, quick to answer and pay, very friendly - overall a very pleasant transaction. I can only recommend them, and would love to do business again!
    17. I sold a white dress shirt for SD17 to Ipledreamer and the transaction went smooth and perfect. They paid right away and had great communication. I would not hesitate to do another transaction with them :) Thanks a lot
    18. I had a very pleasant transaction with Ipledreamer who commissioned me for a pair of pants for her Impldoll boy. She paid right away and was very sweet to talk to. The communication was flawless and she also let me know when my package arrived at her place. Thank you!