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Feedback for IpLemons

Apr 13, 2011

    1. Tell me how I do :)
    2. I sold a Luts head to IpLemons and it was an absolutely wonderful transaction! She paid very quickly, responded to PM's swiftly and kindly, and was a complete joy to deal with. The entire transaction was smooth and very positive! I highly recommend her as a buyer and I would not hesitate from future transactions with her. Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    3. I sold a doll body to IpLemons and it was a great transaction! She replied quickly, was friendly, and paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. Thanks!
    4. sold a leeke wig to iplelemons, wonderful buyer, fast payment & very easy to do a transaction with! :3
    5. Sold a Senior Delf girl body (heeled feet to Ipleleomons). Great communication and overall ver pleasant to deal with. Best wishes with your mods.

    6. IPLemons bought a wig from me. She answered PMs and sent payment quickly and let me know when it arrived. It was a great transaction! Thanks! :)
    7. I sold an Angelsdoll Ivan head to IpLemons and it was an awesome transaction all around. She was incredibly patient as I tried to figure out the best timing for sending it out due to Canada Post's strike action, and luckily it made it in time! :D I'd have no hesitation to do business with her again anytime. Highly recommended; she's a great person to boot! :D
    8. I bought an RS body from IpLemons. She always responded quickly to my questions and concerns and was very friendly throughout the transaction. The doll arrived safe and was packaged very well. A+
    9. IpLemons bought my Saint head and it was an absolutely wonderful transaction! Very fast payment and good communication! She let me know as soon as she received it!
      :clover Thank you! :clover
    10. Modding Feedback

      It appears that I am the first to leave feedback for IpLemons Modding Service. I sent IpLemons a MNF Lishe that had seen better days that I had purchased from the MP. She had a crack in leg at the knee that I was very concerned about. What turned out to be a crack repair turned into a full body sanding with crack repair. It turned out to be quite a project for her. Attention to detail and a whole lot of patience were the two key factors that led to the overall success of this project. I received my Lishe today and I am very pleased with how she turned out. She had quite a bit of yellowing and the full body sanding brought her back to near original tone.
    11. positive feedback, good comunication, kind and fast to pay
    12. Transaction and all communication was swift and gentle. I recommend IpLemons as great buyer!! Thank you! <3
    13. Love the mask.....thanks!!
    14. [h=2]IpLemons[/h] commissioned me to do three t-shirts for her dolls.
      the communication was great and also she payed as soon as i send the information
      i'd do buisness with her again!
      highly recommended
    15. Had a great transaction with IpLemons! She paid promptly. Great communication. Thanks!
    16. Poor and flaky Not negative feedback:

      had joined my MSD punk style swap over the summer. She had a full month and some odd days to finish her full outfit for her partner. She had so so communication through the whole process. Her partner had went threw 2-3 hrricanes and also almost had a grandfather die, so Obviously I would give her an extension. This was not an extension for IpLemons, but i was patient and let things go. She then contacted me saying her partner and her agreed that they didn't want to continue with the swap due to her partners terrible situations. Her partner never agreed to that, from my understanding. She had Iffy communication, Never made any progression pictures, didn't socialize during the whole swap, played message tag, and left her partner who had completed a full outfit for her, stranded with it. I will Never have her join any of my swaps ever again. I am sorry to even have to put any kind of blemish on anybody's feedback, But it clearly stated in my rules that she was to communicate to her partner and me if there was any problems and that they flaked out I would leave poor feedback. I know I can't leave negative feedback, but she really did something quite rude to her partner who had been going threw so much at that time and even managed to make something. I decided that posting this feedback was the right thing to do due to that fact that we had given her PLENTY of time to respond to both of us. Again, I am sorry to have to blemish somebodies feedback that has plenty of good feedback, but Rules are rules.
    17. Flakey Feedback

      I was IpLemon's partner in Thene0shiva's MSD Punk Swap. We were given one month to complete an outfit for our partners, and even after going through Hurricane Irene, flooding from Tropical Storm Lee and almost losing my fiance's grandfather, I managed to complete an outfit for IpLemon's girl Asen. Unfortunately, IpLemon couldn't up hold her swap responsibility, and we never got to swap, even though I was ready and willing to.

      Communication from IpLemons was outstanding at first; we kept in touch and talked about our dolls' matching tastes in punk clothing, as this was not a secret swap. She was also very understanding when I lost electricity for almost a week during Hurricane Irene, went through terrible flooding from Lee and almost lost my grandfather in-law whom I am very close to. After I began to be able to come back online and let her know that I was almost finished with Asen's gifts, communication from IpLemon was a chore. Then she claimed her and I decided to terminate the swap, but I never said I wanted to as I had already made her girl gifts.

      Thankfully, I am able to use the gifts I made for her, as her doll and my doll have the same tastes. I would not recommend IpLemon as a swap partner, and being a swap host myself I will not allow her in any of my future swaps. I don't feel IpLemon is a bad person, just someone who couldn't handle the swap duties. I did enjoy speaking with her when we first started out.
    18. I commissioned iplemons to do some modding to make my elfdoll's torso into a flat boy torso. She did an excellent job and worked quickly and the work is well finished. She did more than we both originally intended and removed a hunk of resin from the back which was preventing any slouching, which I was glad to approve of. She shipped the pieces back within a few weeks of finishing due to delays with transportation but was incredibly happy to do the work and very nice to talk too. ^3^ Overall positive feedback!
    19. I had modding done for my Lati Yellow SP. Great Work(: Shipping was very fast and she's very sweet and swift to respond. HGHIGHLY RECOMMEND. Not to mention great prices.
    20. I purchased a DOLLSHE Saint head from IpLemons. Everything went smoothly. The head arrived with good packing today and I'm very happy with him.

      Thank you very much:)