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Feedback for Isabella

Aug 6, 2011

    1. Hello all, welcome to my feedback thread! Please post here if you have ever had a transaction with me, thank you!
    2. Bought a pair Dollmore Monkey Slip-on Sneakers from Isabella. Item was as described, communication was great, and shipping/delivery was fast! I would totally shop from again from Isabella :)
    3. Isabella did a face-up for my Bellose boy and I could not be more pleased with the entire transaction :) Her attention to detail is amazing, her craftsmanship excellent and she kept me updated with friendly communication the entire time. My boy looks absolutely fabulous as she followed everything I requested, and he was returned to me very safely packaged. I look forward to working with her again in the future!
    4. I commissioned a face-up from Isabella and it went just perfectly. The face-up is great and makes me love my boy even more! I was kept updated throughout the whole time she had the faceplate and he was shipped quickly after he was completed and he came packed very well. Will definately commission again! thanks so much!!
    5. I commissioned Isabella to paint my Mythdoll Leroi girl and she did a PHENOMENAL job! Having worked with over 15 face-up artists thus far, I have to say this experience has been one of my personal favorites. Not only is she friendly and professional, she is very communicative, eager to please and -- above all -- EXTREMELY talented.

      I happily recommend her face-up services to anyone and everyone. A fantastic new artist with amazing potential. Thank you so, so much for bringing my doll to life. I'm honored to have one of your works in my collection! :aheartbea

    6. I bought a pair of MSD sneakers from Isabella. The item was as described, and it arrived really fast! Thank you. =)
    7. I commissioned Isabella (belladoll) to paint my dolls, my Too and Bee-A heads. It was a lovely transaction in general, although there are some inevitable problems that we had encountered yet I would love to work with her again. She was patient and understanding of our situation. I recommend her, an A+ face-up artist!
    8. I commissioned Isabella to do a faceup on my Volks Kanata girl head. While there was some issues, namely with communication, Isabella handled it with sincerity and aplomb. I sincerely appreciate the time she took with me to resolve the issue regardless of some of the rough patches.

      Her work is beautiful, and she is such a pleasure to work with!
    9. I commissioned Isabella to do a face-up on my LTF Face-plate that was still shipping to me back in August 2011. I also inquired if she is willing to paint fantasy parts and do manicure and pedicure. She said she hasn't painted any fantasy parts before[but she had done mani & pedi before], but she is willing to try at no cost from my side because I am the first customer of hers asking for fantasy blushing & mani + pedi. That was terribly nice of her and so after chit-chatting about shipping costs and the details of the face-up, I secured a slot from her.

      As time passes and it's almost September 2011, my LTF still hasn't arrive so I asked Isabella to move my slot to September if it's alright with her. She agreed. Nearing the end of September, my LTF still hasn't arrive and with the thought it must be lost and not wanting to keep Isabella from waiting for me, I asked her to remove me from her list. She sympathize about my lost and removed me from the list as per my request.

      Just a week later, the package showed up and I was thrilled! I quickly PM'd Isabella and asked her if I was still able to book for the September slot. She was also happy that I got my LTF and was willing to put me in her October slot as September was coming to an end. I agreed and I was back on the list.

      I waited for October to come so I can ship my LTF Face-plate to her, and in the mean time, I bought another LTF which arrived at the first week of October. I asked Isabella if I could add another face-plate to my slot. She politely rejected my request stating that it would be too much of a workload on her and the turn-around time would get drastically longer. I told her I was fine with the longer wait time and I was willing to wait. With that, she agreed to take on both of my LTF Face-plates for face-upping.

      Nearing the end of the month October, I PM'd her and asked when can I ship my package to her as my slot was in October and it's almost November already. She told me that it was alright to ship the package to her any day now so I did. After a while, I didn't hear from her if she received the package or not since it should have reach her by now since it was sent via EMS so I PM'd her again. She replied to me that she has indeed received my package and is ready to work on my items' customization. She also proposed that we switch to email for easier communication as she responds faster through email rather than DOA. I agreed.

      After a while of not having any updates, I emailed her and she replied that she's working on them and will send pictures soon. I tried not to bother her too much because I know it can be annoying and exhausting so I only send an email to her when it has been some time since I heard from her.

      In December, after a month of her having my items, I finally got preview pictures, I was not satisfied at all and asked her to re-do some items and amend some other items. She replied that she had tried her best and had used alot of time and money on my commissions. She gave me two choices, first one was that she could wipe the items clean and send them back to me OR she will negotiate with me and see if we can come to an understanding.

      I replied that she will need to wipe one of the Face-plate and re-do it and she can continue painting the other Face-plate as it was looking alright so far. She agreed and I waited again.

      About a week later, she emailed me telling me that her airbrush was having some problems and she has sent it out for fixing. She was very apologetic and polite about it and told me it would be fixed in a week or so. I replied to her telling her not to worry as I was still willing to wait.

      After a while, I inquired the status of her airbrush and my commissions and she replied that she still hasn't gotten it back and will inquired the status of it.

      In January, three months of her having my items for customization, she told me that she has finally gotten her airbrush back and will get started on my commissions right away. I was a little peeved at the time she's taking to work on my commissions but didn't say anything about it as she said before it would be a while before she completes my commissions.

      In the month of January, I inquired about the status of my commissions several times as she hasn't been updating me and communication was harder to get from her. At the end of January, she finally got back to me saying that she hasn't contacted me because she hasn't got any updates to show. She said she couldn't finish my commissions after all because of several factors like her airbrush having problems, the sealent acting up on her which caused her to re-do the face-ups several times. She was very, very apologetic about the whole thing, but I was very angry because she had my items for THREE months before telling me this. I wasted my time, money and energy on this for nothing.

      Having no choice, I asked her to clean all the parts she has painted so far and split the package into two. Both the Face-plates will go in one box and ship it to another artist. The second box will contains all other items I have sent her excluding the Face-plates and ship directly back to me. Both packages will be shipped via Priority mail at her expense. She agreed, sounding very apologetic about everything.

      She did what I asked, and the package with the Face-plates arrived to the other artist safely and the other package got to me safely as well. That was the end of it.

      OVERALL: Isabella is always friendly and kind with her communication but sometimes it can be hard to get a reply from her. She is very apologetic if anything goes wrong and is willing to take the responsibility for her mistakes. I really appreciate her doing her part till the end but I didn't like the way she handled my commissions.

      This is a NEGATIVE feedback. I will not be doing business with Isabella again.