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FeedBack for Isumi

Jan 12, 2011

    1. Post FeedBack !
    2. Isumi bought a SD head from me. She was polite, paid quickly and let me know when the head arrived. Everything went smoothly. Thank you for the transaction!

      I sold my Migidoll Jina to Isumi. Quick and easy transaction for payment - very nice and understanding, and good communication. I would recommend Isumi as a buyer. Thanks! :)
    4. Isumi bought my SSDF Dew head. It was a really nice transaction, quick payment and always polite during all the comunication. I definetly recommend her as a buyer! Thanks ^^
    5. I sold Isumi my IOS Sezz head, very pleasant and understanding person, fast communication and quick payment! I highly recommend her!
    6. Great feedback from me ^^

      Bought a head and shipping was fast and communication was super ^^
    7. Isumi commissioned me for a faceup and everything was perfect.
      Excellent communication and very quick payment, I highly recommend her!
      Thank you so much ^^
    8. I bought a Fairyland Minifee Shushu from Isumi with a two month layaway. She was amazing to deal with, the shipping was very fast and I would gladly purchase from her again :) Thank you Isumi ^_^
    9. Isumi bought two pair of glass eyes from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little ones like the eyes! :)
    10. I did another faceup commission for Isumi, and it was a pleasure to do business with her again. Her communication is excellent and she always pays promptly, and lets me know as soon as she receive her doll.
      Thank you so much!! :aheartbea
    11. Isumi bought a Fairyland Mirween head from me. Great communication, fast payment, really a very nice buyer. Thanks a lot! ^^
    12. I bought a head from her!
      Everything was nice, communication was great.
      Shipping was fast and the head was packed properly :3 everything as described.
    13. Isumi and I have trade her shose for some clouse from me. All was very good, communication was great, shipping was fast ♥
      Thank you a lot! ^^
    14. I have bought a body from Isumi!
      Today I've got it. She always responded quickly and communication was great. She also tried to help resolve problems with EMS:chocoheart
      Thank you so much! ~~
    15. Isumi bought part of the Ducan outfit from me.
      Communication was smooth and she paid promptly.
      Thank you :D
    16. I purchased a Fairyland F60 Mirwen head from Isumi, and while the head arrived in good condition we had several misunderstandings throughout that made this transaction very stressful.

      These included an apparent language mishap where I was told "That's fine it's 151,74$ and I don't charge the paypal fees !" and then when I sent $154.74, was written to ask why I hadn't included Paypal fees because what Isumi meant was that she did expect me to calculate them out and add them to my total. She was able to check through a translation program that what she had said was not in fact what she meant, but still insisted I send her another payment to cover the fees. Fees were not mentioned in her thread, so we went back and forth for a while until she agreed to honor our original agreement.

      I was also informed on the day she agreed to ship that her "aunt" had taken the package in and sent it a slower method than the one I had agreed to and paid for. I was refunded the difference, but I found it frustrating having to ask very specific questions to figure out which method the head was sent and also that it had only been partially insured. Isumi stated that she could not get to the post office because she was busy with school, which would have been nice to know at the outset.

      Overall I am glad to have the head, however had I known I would be asked to accept extra conditions after sending payment I would not have contacted her.
    17. I bought a pair of Leekeworld shoes from Isumi.
      She was very lovely to deal with, quick with responses and quick to ship the package out. ^_^ Absolutely nothing to complain about and I would gladly buy from her again.
    18. Neutral Feedback

      Isumi sold me an Ios Sezz head with an awesome faceup by Lightlybattered. The faceup was in pristine condition, and the head was very well wrapped, but we have issues in the communication. Isumi didn't sent the package herself and the person who sent it, comitted a mistake. The package wasn't sent with tracking number (and I paid for one with tracking). After, I asked her to go to post office but she never went or called (because she had no time ._.). The head is amazing but It has a really bad done piercing, that it scratch the ear and this was not written in the sale thread. (It just say "he has a piercing" but not that is not well done)


      I have to say this if someone wants to buy from her, to take this in consideration.
    19. I Pm you


      The package was sent with a tracking number like you paid, it takes a long time to arrive because you choose a lower sending.
      For the post office I go the first time when we didn't arrive to track the head. After I was having a lot of work I wasn't at my home. I was going to call them but the head arrive.
      For the ear piercing can you send me a pic ? It looks strange..

    20. Hi there

      Remember the tracking of my order never worked on the french post office neither on chilean post office. So it's the same as not having it. (you told me first the shipping had tracking and then your relative sent the head. I couldn't track it so I contacted you and you noticed that that shipping didn't work for chile. And it was too late because my head was already on french post office). I never could track him and that was extremely dangerous near Christmas. That's why I asked you for something with track. I would have prefer you to go to post office and not your aunt. So if the shipping has no tracking number, you could have asked me if I wanted to pay more for one (because I wanted, and I had de money to do so...)

      The ear piercing looks really bad, It was done extremely near to the edge of the ear that I'm scared that it may broke with just the touch of my hand. I'll fix it with epoxy but it's a little sad to have the head like that. O_o I don't want any money back, but I have to say this.

      I took more pictures of the ear: