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feedback for itzreeseybetch

May 3, 2012

    1. i didnt see a feedback thread for her so i figured i'd make her one!

      i traded my doll leaves blue boy head with default faceup and acrylic eyes for several digital artworks from her!

      her artwork is amazing and she was a very diligent worker and i would love to do business with her in the future!
    2. Thank you so much for making this for me! Since you mention my art I'll leave my Deviantart page for anyone else who wants to trade art for doll parts. I will work for eyes and small accessories!

      When your art is finished I'll post a direct link for what the head was traded for

    3. I received a few scarves from Reese. :D She shipped them out quickly and they are both very beautiful! Thank you so much~ >w<
    4. itzreeseybetch bought a wig from me. The transaction was smooth and fast! Definitely a recommended buyer! :)
    5. I bought a head from Itzreeseybetch and it got here safe and sound. Response and transaction was very quick. Thank you! :)
    6. Itzreeseybetch bought some msd clothes from me and is was a perfect transaction. Quick payment and great commucation, I would not hesitate to do buisness with her again! :)
    7. Itzreeseybetch bought a Doll Leaves Flora head from me, she paid immediately and was great with communication. A perfect transaction!
    8. I bought a pair of doll hands. The hands were as described and in wonderful condition. Communication was superb (and funny, you've got a great personality)! Shipping was speedy and packaging was really well done too. I'd buy from this awesome seller any time.
    9. Did a teensy group order with this lovely lady, mixed with a trade! She was very understanding of the wait time it took to get our items. She sent along her stuff just as promised, and I couldn't be happier! Thanks again!
    10. itzreeseybetch joined my Dollmore Go and was an absolute fabulous participant. Paid for all items and shipping on in a timely manner and was just fantastic to work with! Thanks so much for an easy transaction :)
    11. I bought an item from itzreeseybetch (MSD grey/white-striped hoodie) and she was super quick to ship, packaged well, and really open with communication and contact. Great seller! :celebrate
    12. I completed an event face-up for Itzreeseybetch and everything went wonderfully. ^^

      Communication was superb and she was very understanding about my unexpected delay.

      I would gladly work with this user again! Thank you!
    13. I bought 2 sets of bracelets and the entire transaction was smooth great customer service with super fast shipping excellent seller!Best Wishes would buy from again !
    14. Bought a grey wig from her, great quality and fast shipping! A+
    15. I bought some minifee sized clothing from Itzreeseybetch. The clothing is wonderful and she was quick to respond to PM's. I'd gladly buy from her again!
    16. Itzreeseybetch bought a wig from me. Very nice buyer, quick to respond, and also paid on time.^^ Plus she let me know when her package has arrived!:) Highly recommended buyer~ Will definitely not hesitate to do business with her again!
    17. I participated in a Taobao group order that she ran. Everything went very smoothly! A great group order. I would definitely work with her again. :)
    18. She bought a minifee shiwoo head from me and everything was great. She paid right away and kept great communication. She let me know as soon as she got his head. Thank you
    19. I participated in a Crobidoll group order that she ran. Everything was great. Great, fast communication, fast shipping, prompt updates and she split the gifts up between participants. I would gladly join a group order of hers again. Very pleased! :)
    20. Another participant from the Crobi group order. Everything went smoothly. Great communication and frequent updates. This was my first group order, and she was patient and polite when I had questions, ect. Wouldn't hesitate to do any sort of transaction with her in the future!