Feedback for Ivelia

Jan 16, 2016

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your transaction :D
      I hope it was pleasant ^^ (Knowing myself, I surely did my best xD)
    2. Thank you very much for buying Soom Isha head from me!
      The transaction was pleasant, conversation was very friendly, payment was fast!

      I would not hesitate to deal again!:aheartbea
    3. Ivelia purchased Soom R. Hyperon from me, and is was a fast and perfect deal, I'll be happy to eal with her again! :3nodding:
    4. Ivelia shared my split for head of Soom Garion (human ver.). She was very good co-worker and it was pleasure to have a deal with her. Payment was fast and full, she was very nice in our communication!
      Thank you for great split atmosphere!
    5. Ivelia participated in My Soom split and it was a wonderful experience, will happily work with again :)
    6. Ivelia purchased a body from me and I can only say, she must be the ideal buyer^^ Her decisions were firm and fast, her payment even faster and communication was prompt and friendly throughout, she even thought of giving feedback unasked. Thank you very much!
    7. Ivelia bought two Heads from me and it was a smooth transaction.
      Very nice communication, super fast payment and she let me know as soon as the parcel arrived.

      I can only recommend her as a great buyer <3
      I would love to deal with her again in the future.

      Thank you :)